Chapter 1797

Chapter 1797​

“I really can’t do it! Brother, this throne must be yours!” Thorian Rhys became a little anxious.

“Okay, let’s talk about the throne later. Nowadays, there are constant internal and external troubles. The top priority is to solve all the troubles first.” Dustin changed the subject.

“Brother, as long as you come out to take charge of the overall situation, I will definitely assist you with all my strength!” Thorian Rhys looked serious.

“I can’t show up yet.”

Dustin shook his head and said: “Dustin Kate and his gang don’t know that I have returned to West Lucozia, so they have no precautions. If they have any intentions, I can respond in time. In addition, the remnants of the Dragon Protection Pavilion are still there.” Hiding in the dark, I will look for opportunities to catch them all!”

“So that’s it.”

Thorian Rhys quickly said, “I understand. Leave all the affairs in the palace to me. It’s up to you, brother, to solve all the shady conspiracies.”

“Okay, it’s settled.” Dustin nodded.

“Oh yes, and this.”

As if he thought of something, Thorian Rhys suddenly took out a golden token, handed it to Dustin, and said: “This is my military order. With it, you can call on my eight hundred dead soldiers. At the critical moment, it should be able to help.” You lend a hand.”

His eight hundred dead soldiers are all masters who can only be selected from a million.

From the time he was born, his mother began to secretly train and accumulate strength in case of emergencies.

Now twenty years have passed, and these eight hundred dead soldiers have grown to an extremely terrifying level.

“Okay, I will keep the token first and return it to you later.” Dustin did not refuse.

Although he now has Margaret’s support, he is still far behind compared to the remnants of the Dragon Guard Pavilion.

Now, with the addition of Thorian Rhys’s eight hundred dead soldiers, the two sides can be considered capable of fighting.


At this time, a shout suddenly came from outside the door.

Princess Elara, who had left before, came back again and hurriedly walked into the mourning hall.

Dustin immediately put on a mask, pretended to be a guard, and stood aside.

He could confess to Thorian Rhys because of the trust between brothers. As for Princess Elara, he did not yet have his approval.

“Mom, didn’t I tell you to go rest? Why are you back again?” Thorian Rhys was a little surprised.

“Something happened outside!”

Princess Elara walked into the mourning hall and said solemnly: “I just received news that half of the eight princes have proclaimed themselves kings. From now on, they will no longer obey the palace’s orders. Moreover, they have assembled their troops and are preparing to confront the palace head-on. !”

“What? Proclaiming yourself king? They are so brave!”

Hearing this, Thorian Rhys’s face became extremely gloomy: “They started to rebel just after my father passed away. Are they really bullying everyone in my palace? Mom! Please call for soldiers immediately. I will personally lead the troops to suppress them!”

If it was just a small fight, it could be treated as if it never happened. Now that the four major princes have established themselves as kings, it is no less than an open rebellion. Naturally, it is intolerable!

“Absolutely not!”

Princess Elara quickly stopped him and said: “The four major princes all hold heavy troops. Once a war starts, life will be ruined. Moreover, the Black Dragon Army still needs to guard the major fortresses. If there is civil strife, the Western barbarians will definitely take the opportunity to invade. By then, the entire West Lucozia will be In dire straits!”

“Then what should we do? Is it possible to let them pee while riding on our heads?” Thorian Rhys frowned.

“I have sent envoys to negotiate. First, try to appease them as much as possible. After your father’s funeral is arranged, you will immediately succeed to the throne and become the new King of West Lucozia. If those guys understand the current situation, they will naturally submit. “Princess Elara said.

“Mom, I’m afraid it’s not that simple.”

Thorian Rhys shook his head and said thoughtfully: “It’s probably not a coincidence that the four major princes rebelled at the same time, but someone is secretly manipulating it. They obviously want to force us to abdicate!”


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