Chapter 1804

Chapter 1804​

After sweeping around the entire martial arts arena, only Nangong Po was left standing.

“You are really getting worse and worse. You have to practice harder in the future, do you hear me?” Nangong Po scolded.

“Yes!” The guards knelt down and responded.

“Okay, let’s all get down.”

Nangong Po waved his hand to signal all the guards to leave, then turned around and looked at Thorian Rhys and the others.

Uncle Nangong’s marksmanship is like a god. Looking at the entire West Lucozia, no one can beat him. I admire him so much!” Thorian Rhys was the first to say hello.

“Young prince, as the saying goes, you don’t go to the Three Treasures Palace for anything. You came all the way here. What advice do you have?” Nangong Po picked up a towel and began to wipe his sweat.

“I don’t take advice seriously, mainly because the younger generation has something to ask for.” Thorian Rhys clasped his fists.

“Is it because of your father’s incident?” Nangong Po was not surprised, as if he had expected it.

Uncle Nangong already knows?” Thorian Rhys raised his eyebrows.

“The King of West Lucozia was assassinated. How could I not know about such a big event?” Nangong Po took a sip of tea and sat down minding his own business.

“As for the rebellion of the four northern princes, does Uncle Nangong know about it?” Thorian Rhys asked again.

“I heard something.” Nangong Po nodded.

Uncle Nangong, you are loyal and courageous. Now that there is a crisis in the palace, please help me!” Thorian Rhys cupped his fists and bent down.

“If your father comes to visit, I will naturally help you, because I admire his character very much. As for you… you are not qualified!”

Nangong Po picked up the tea cup and drank it all in one gulp.

What he said was even more merciless.

Thorian Rhys frowned slightly, but quickly returned to normal.

He had known that Nangong Po was arrogant and moody, so he was already prepared to be made things difficult for him before entering the door.

Uncle Nangong, compared to father, I am indeed a waste, and I am not qualified to ask you to do anything.”

Speaking of this, Thorian Rhys suddenly changed the topic: “But my Rhys, I am a descendant of the Rhys Family, and I am a man from West Lucozia. I can’t just watch the turmoil in West Lucozia and watch the people being displaced. As long as this turmoil can be calmed down, , I’m willing to pay any price!”


Nangong Po raised his eyebrows slightly, quite surprised.

He didn’t expect that the playboy who once had nothing to do would actually say such a thing.

It’s a bit strange.

“Did your mother teach you to say these words?” Nangong Po asked tentatively.

“These are all words from the bottom of my heart!” Thorian Rhys looked serious.

“I haven’t seen you for a few years, but you look a little different.”

Nangong Po looked him up and down, and then said: “To be honest, before you came to the door, General Dustin Kate had already sent me a letter. Guess what he said to me in the letter?”

Dustin Kate?”

Thorian Rhys’s pupils shrank and his expression became solemn: “Junior doesn’t know, please let Uncle Nangong make it clear.”

Nangong Po picked up the spear next to him, gently wiped the tip of the spear with a white cloth, and said in a low voice: “Dustin Kate said, if I can kill you and destroy your body, he will give me two cities after the incident.” .”


As soon as these words came out, Thorian Rhys’s expression changed instantly.

He didn’t expect that Dustin Kate was already prepared to kill and silence him.

“Two cities!”

Nangong stood up slowly, pointed his spear directly at Thorian Rhys, and raised the corners of his mouth slightly: “For me, this is really a huge temptation. Do you think…should I agree?”


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