Chapter 1809

Chapter 1809​

“Since the young prince doesn’t want to inherit the throne, why should he fight for it?” Wen Shun’s expression remained unchanged.

“I am not qualified to be the King of West Lucozia, but there is someone who is, and this person is more suitable than Dustin Kate!” Thorian Rhys said sonorously and forcefully.

“Oh? Who is it?” Wen Shun raised his eyebrows slightly.

“My eldest brother——Logan Rhys!” Thorian Rhys said loudly.

Logan Rhys?”

Wen Wen narrowed his eyes and nodded noncommittally: “You are right. If it is His Highness the Crown Prince, being the King of West Lucozia is more than enough. But the problem is that His Highness the Crown Prince has been missing for ten years and has not been heard from. Now he is alive and dead. How to succeed?”

“My eldest brother is not dead, and he has returned to West Lucozia. The position of king of West Lucozia belongs to him!” Thorian Rhys said with a serious face.

“Young prince, your words are unfounded. What evidence do you have?” Wen Shun asked.

If Logan Rhys really returned to West Lucozia, the news would have spread all over the city.

The boy in front of him was obviously just looking for an excuse to win over him better.

Uncle Wen, you can provide evidence, but I have to ask, if my eldest brother succeeds to the throne, are you willing to give your full support?” Thorian Rhys asked rhetorically.

“This…” Wen Shun frowned slightly, looking a little hesitant.

Seeing Thorian Rhys so confident, he felt a little unsure.

Uncle WenWest Lucozia needs a good prince. No one is more suitable to be the king of West Lucozia than my eldest brother. I believe you should know this very well.” Thorian Rhys said domineeringly.

“Okay! If you can allow me to see His Highness the Crown Prince in person, I can promise to support you. Otherwise, please hire someone else!” Wen Shun said with a serious face.

“No problem! Then we’ll make it a deal!”

Hearing this, Thorian Rhys smiled, then turned around, looked at Dustin, and said, “Brother, it’s time for you to show up.”

Dustin nodded without saying anything, and took off the human skin mask on his face, revealing his original face.

“You are…” Wen Wen’s eyes widened for a moment, a little unbelievable.

Uncle Wen, long time no see.” Dustin smiled slightly.

“His…His Royal Highness the Crown Prince?” Wen Shun was stunned and didn’t react for a while.

He had calculated everything, but he never expected that the majestic Kirin son Logan Rhys would dress up as a bodyguard and hide beside Thorian Rhys.

If the other party hadn’t revealed his identity, no one would have been able to tell.

Uncle Wen, how’s it going? Is it a surprise?”

Thorian Rhys smiled and said: “You are the second person besides me who knows my brother’s identity. We are now honest with you and have nothing to hide.”

“His Royal Highness, are you…really alive?” Wen Wen’s voice was trembling, his eyes were filled with tears, and he was a little excited.

He has no feelings for Thorian Rhys, so he has no plans to support him.

But he had a special feeling of intimacy towards Logan Rhys.

The reason is very simple, because Logan Rhys’s mother Qin Suzhen was kind to him and saved his life.

He had always wanted to repay Princess internal energyn’s kindness, but he never had the chance.

Especially after the death of Princess internal energyn, he became even more obsessed with her.

Now that he saw Logan Rhys standing in front of him, he seemed to see Princess internal energyn back then.


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