Chapter 1812

Chapter 1812

Late at night, in the royal city, in front of the gate of the palace.

A large number of armed soldiers gathered into human walls, completely surrounding the huge palace.

Looking around, there was a huge black area with tens of thousands of people!

These are just the vanguard troops. In fact, there is an armed army stationed outside the royal city.

They were the soldiers and horses of the four major princes in the north, among which there was also a bodyguard of Dustin Kate.

However, they are all disguised.

At this moment, in the palace.

Princess Elara was wearing plain linen and a filial piety hat. He had a cold face and stood at the gate menacingly.

She also held a sharp sword in her hand, and she looked majestic and murderous.

When the life of the palace was at stake, Princess Elara, as the princess, stood up without hesitation, standing alone in the front.

Behind her, stood Shi Changning and a group of armored dragon guards.

There are not many people, but they are the most powerful force in the palace.

Behind Youlongwei, there was still a group of government soldiers and servants standing.

The soldiers of the government held swords and the servants held sticks. They were waiting in strict formation and regarded death as if they were home.

Further back, in the inner courtyard.

A group of old, weak, women and children in the palace were also wearing sackcloth and mourning, holding weapons and staring at the door in the distance.

Once the Youlong Guards are destroyed and all the soldiers and servants of the palace are killed, they will rush forward without hesitation, vowing to live and die with the palace.

“Dad…Mom…I’m afraid…”

In the crowd, there was a teenage boy, holding a knife in both hands, trembling, and his face was ashen.

Having been pampered since childhood, when had he ever experienced such a scene?

When he learned that the palace was surrounded and tens of thousands of troops were ambushed outside, he realized that the situation in the palace was over and he was likely to die tonight.


A middle-aged man turned around and glared, and shouted: “I, the man of the Rhys Family, have been on the battlefield, wrapped in horse leather, and none of them is a coward. If you dare to take a step back today, I will kill you first!”


The young man was trembling with fear, tears welling up in his eyes.

“You’re crying! A real man doesn’t shed tears when he bleeds. If his head falls off, there will be a scar no bigger than the mouth of a bowl. Wipe your tears for me!” the middle-aged man yelled.

The young man did not dare to say anything and quickly wiped away his tears.

A woman next to him turned to look at the boy and forced a smile: “Xiao Wu, there is nothing to be afraid of. No matter what happens, your parents will be with you.”

“Xiao Wu, the more scared we are, the stronger we must be and not let others look down upon us!” At this time, a fourteen-year-old girl said with firm eyes.

“Yeah!” The young man gritted his teeth and nodded heavily.


The woman took out a bottle of medicine, handed it to the girl, and warned: “You must protect your brother in a while. If we can’t stop him, just drink this bottle of medicine, so that you can avoid some torture.”

“I understand!” The girl nodded and held the medicine bottle tightly.

She knew in her heart that this was a bottle of poison.

If the palace’s troops could not stop the invasion, she would have no choice but to commit suicide by taking poison.

Otherwise, her end may be more terrible than death.

A solemn atmosphere enveloped the entire palace.

Everyone knows that the palace is about to be in disaster.

However, even if they were afraid, even if they knew they would die, no one backed down.




At this time, the soldiers outside the palace began to bang on the door.


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