Chapter 1813

Chapter 1813

The heavy palace door was banged and trembled.

The sound of each impact was like a giant hammer, hitting everyone’s hearts hard.

“Open the door!!”

Princess Elara gave a sweet shout and ordered someone to open the door.

This unexpected move made the soldiers who broke the door look confused and completely confused.

At this time, shouldn’t we close the door tightly and guard against death?

What’s going on if you open the door yourself?

Could it be that there is an ambush inside?

“Chen Chao! Dustin Song! Kang internal energyao! He Yuanhui! Come out and show yourself!”

Princess Elara stood with his sword in hand and spoke loudly.

The powerful aura forced the soldiers outside the door not to come near for a while.

The four names she called corresponded to the four major princes in the north and were also the main forces in this rebellion.

“What? Do you dare to do it or not? Are the four great princes just hiding their heads and showing their tails?!”

Seeing no one responded, Princess Elara spoke again, his words sonorous and powerful, sounding like a bell, resounding throughout the palace.

After a few seconds, the soldiers and horses directly in front of the palace suddenly dispersed, leaving a wide road.

Immediately afterwards, four middle-aged men of different shapes, wearing armor and hanging cloaks, walked over side by side.

Those who came were none other than the four great princes of the north.

“Chen Chao—I’ve met the princess!”

“Dustin Song——I’ve met the princess!”

“Cambridge—I’ve met the princess!”

“He Yuanhui – I’ve met the princess!”

The four of them walked to the door and bowed at the same time.

“Hmph! Do you still have me as the princess in your eyes?!” Princess Elara said coldly.

“Princess, what are you talking about? Once you are a princess, you will always be a princess.” Chen Chaopi said with a smile.

“If you treat me as a princess, why do you want to rebel?” Princess Elara shouted.

“Princess, you have misunderstood. We are not rebelling, but King internal energyn.” Chen Chao said with a smile.

“That’s right!” Dustin Song next to him nodded: “The prince’s death is very strange. We heard that someone deliberately murdered him, so we specially sent troops to catch the murderer!”

“Yes! We are loyal to the prince. Now that something happens to the prince, we naturally cannot stand by and watch.” Kang internal energyao agreed.

“Me too.” He Yuanhui said briefly and simply.

“I am sending people to fully investigate the prince’s assassination. You don’t need to worry about it. If you still have some conscience, then withdraw your troops immediately!” Princess Elara said solemnly.

“The palace has encountered a catastrophe. As princes, we have the responsibility to come to help. Princess, are you reacting so violently, are you afraid? Or are you guilty?” Chen Chao said meaningfully.

“How dare you doubt me?!” Princess Elara glared.

“Of course we don’t doubt the princess, but it’s hard to tell about the people around the princess. In order to seek justice for the prince, we must search the palace and interrogate all suspicious persons!” Chen Chao said loudly.

“Outsiders are not allowed to carry weapons like those in the palace, this is the rule!” Princess Elara shouted.

“In extraordinary times, do extraordinary things.”

Chen Chao made a gesture: “Come here, go in and search!”

“Let’s see who dares!”

Princess Elara suddenly took two steps forward, raised his long sword, and pointed it directly at Chen Chao’s throat: “If any of you steps into the palace today, don’t blame me for being ruthless with my sword!”

Seeing this battle, a group of soldiers who had just approached were so frightened that they stood still.

After all, she is the Princess consort. She has been in a high position for a long time, and she has an invisible sense of oppression.

“Princess, we are all avenging the prince. If you insist on blocking it, don’t blame us for being disrespectful!”

Chen Chao narrowed his eyes, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.


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