Chapter 1815

Chapter 1815

Seeing that her son had returned safely, Princess Elara couldn’t help but look happy, but soon her expression turned serious again.

Because she discovered that her son left with only a few people and came with a few people, but he did not bring any soldiers or horses.

“Did it fail?”

Princess Elara frowned slightly, feeling increasingly heavy in his heart.

Their only hope is to invite the four major princes in the south to take action, and then compete with the four major princes in the north.

Looking at it now, it seems that the situation is not optimistic.

“You are so brave! How dare you break into the palace without permission! Are you dying?!” Thorian Rhys shouted loudly.

Its sound was like thunder, resounding throughout the whole place, deafening.

The tens of thousands of soldiers and horses from the four major princes did not dare to act rashly for a while.

“It turns out that the young prince is back.”

Chen Chao smiled faintly: “We, the four princes, have found out that there is a real murderer hidden in the prince’s palace. In order to avenge the prince, we have to go in and search, and we also ask the young prince to make way.”

“What a search!”

Thorian Rhys shouted in a deep voice: “What kind of place is the palace? How can I allow you to search at your own convenience? Get away from me!”

“Young prince, we are sincere and serve the country and the people, but you are trying to stop us in every possible way. What is your intention?” Chen Chao said calmly.

“Hmph! Stop pretending in front of me! Everyone on the street knows your Sima Zhao’s intentions!” Thorian Rhys said coldly.

“Young prince, we don’t understand what you are talking about.” Chen Chaodao.

“Chen Chao! I will give you a chance now. If you leave immediately, I can pretend that nothing has happened. You will still be the princes of West Lucozia, and you can still live a wealthy life.”

At this point, Thorian Rhys suddenly changed the subject: “But if you are stubborn and insist on rebelling, then I can guarantee that you will regret it!”

“Young prince, we are thinking of the overall situation, please give way!” Chen Chao was unmoved.

The other three people also had bright eyes and did not flinch at all.

At this point, they had no reason to retreat.

As long as they support Dustin Kate to rise to power, they will be great contributors, and their power will be even greater in the future.

After all, in their view, after the death of West Lucozia King Rufus Rhys, Dustin Kate, as the general of the Hussars, was the most promising person to ascend to the throne.

As for Thorian Rhys? He is just a young child, how can he have the right to sit on their heads?

“I’m leaving my words here today. If anyone dares to take a step forward, I will make their head fall to the ground!” Thorian Rhys said murderously.


Chen Chao raised his eyebrows slightly, and then winked at the guards behind him.

The guards nodded and began to slowly move forward.

“court death!”

Thorian Rhys’s face darkened, and without any nonsense, he directly raised the knife in his hand and waved it in the air.


A sharp blade shot out, instantly piercing the necks of several guards with lightning speed.

Several guards froze and stood on the spot.

The next second, several heads fell to the ground and rolled around on the ground like rubber balls.

Chen Chao’s pupils shrank, he was not surprised but overjoyed, and said loudly: “Have you all seen it? The young prince has gone crazy and kills people on sight. As loyal ministers and soldiers, we should cure the young prince’s madness to prevent the young prince from getting mad. Your Majesty, you will hurt innocent people again!”

“Come here! Catch the young prince! Enter the house to search for the murderer!” Dustin Song shouted.

“Seize the young prince! Enter the house to search for the murderer!” The four princes shouted one after another.

The next second, a large number of armed soldiers turned into a torrent of steel and surged towards Thorian Rhys.

Both sides are completely at war!

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