Chapter 1816

Chapter 1816

“court death!”

Seeing the swarming armed soldiers, Thorian Rhys instantly became furious.

No longer showing mercy, he directly raised his knife and charged into the crowd.

Now, he has entered the realm of martial arts master, and after several years of training on the battlefield, he has extremely rich combat experience.

One person rushes into the killing formation, unstoppable and very brave.

“Protect the young prince! Kill!”

Princess Elara raised his long sword into the air.

The Youlong Guards behind him all drew their weapons.


Shi Changning waved his sword and led hundreds of dragon guards to charge into the army.

Although the number of Wandering Dragon Guards is small, all of them are unique masters and well-trained.

Under the leadership of martial arts master Shi Changning, they charged forward and were invincible.

The team of more than a hundred people was like a sharp long knife, cutting a long hole in the tens of thousands of troops and hitting the heart directly.

Under the protection of the personal guards, the four princes immediately stayed away from the battlefield to avoid assassination.

“I didn’t expect that there would be such an elite force hidden in the palace.”

Looking at the Youlongwei who was killing everyone, Chen Chao couldn’t help but squint his eyes slightly, looking a little surprised.

“Fortunately, there are only about a hundred people, not a large number, otherwise it would be enough for us to drink a pot.” Dustin Song was a little lucky.

“If I guess correctly, this should be the legendary Dragon Guard, a master carefully selected by Rufus Rhys from the elite of the Black Dragon Army. Each one is one in a million,” Kang internal energyao said.

“I see, no wonder it’s so powerful.” He Yuanhui nodded.

“It’s useless to be powerful. The number is too small and they cannot pose a threat to us. No matter how brave they are now, once their physical strength is exhausted, they will only be waiting to be killed.” Chen Chao took over the topic.

“Do you think there will be any changes?” Dustin Song suddenly asked.

“What could happen? The palace is under siege, and it will only fall sooner or later. Our army is still stationed outside the royal city. If there is any trouble, we will know it immediately. Just relax!” Kang internal energyao consoled him. road.

“You’re right! Now that the overall situation has been decided, it’s impossible for Princess Elara, mother and son, and Thorian Rhys to overturn the situation. Besides, we still have the generals sitting behind the scenes. Even if the four major princes from the south come in person, they can’t overturn anything. Big wave!” Chen Chao was full of confidence.

After Rufus Rhys left, how could the royal palace, led by dragons and relying on a group of old, weak women and children, fight against the powerful Dustin Kate?

So what if Thorian Rhys persuaded the four major princes in the south?

The soldiers and horses of those people could not enter the royal city at all, let alone rescue the palace.

In this current situation, no one can change fate.

Time is passing little by little.

The battle between the two sides became more and more intense.

On the palace side, Thorian Rhys and Shi Changning led the charge, with more than a hundred dragon guards rushing around.

At the beginning, the team’s momentum was very strong, and the soldiers and horses of the four major princes could not stop it at all.

But as the fighting continued, and with the exhaustion of physical strength, the gap between the two sides gradually became apparent.

Although the Youlong Guards were fierce, their numbers were still too small. On the other hand, the vanguard troops of the four major princes numbered tens of thousands.

No matter how many Youlongwei kill, more people will follow.

After several waves of attacks, the Dragon Guards began to show signs of fatigue and suffered casualties.

Seeing this scene, the four princes couldn’t help but feel refreshed.

“Hahaha… Did you see that? The elites in the royal palace are on their last legs and will soon be surrounded and killed.” Chen Chao smiled proudly.

“Pit an egg against a stone, don’t underestimate your own capabilities.” Kang internal energyao shook his head.

“What a pity for such an elite team. It would be great if they were my subordinates.” Dustin Song sighed.

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