Chapter 1818

Chapter 1818

He Yuanhui was very smart. When he saw that the assassin was unstoppable, he decisively ordered the guards to retreat.

As the saying goes, there is no need to worry about leaving green hills without firewood. As long as you temporarily avoid the assassin’s sharp edge, and then use the army to surround and kill the assassin when his energy is exhausted, this is the most prudent choice.

“Old Chen! I think Lao He is right. Safety is the most important thing. I’ll go to the back first to avoid the limelight.”

Seeing He Yuanhui retreating, Dustin Song did not dare to stay for a long time. Under the protection of the personal guards, he began to retreat slowly.

“Hmph! As timid as a mouse!”

Chen Chao frowned slightly, a little dissatisfied, then looked at Kang Qiao, and said meaningfully: “Old Kang, you have always been brave, so you shouldn’t give in like those two people, right?”

“of course not!”

Kang Qiao stretched his muscles and sneered: “It’s just an assassin, I haven’t taken it seriously yet!”

For him to become a prince can be said to have climbed out of a mountain of corpses and a sea of ​​blood.

What big scene haven’t you seen?

The little assassin certainly couldn’t scare him.

“Okay! Then let us see how capable this assassin is!”

Chen Chao nodded with satisfaction and waved his hand: “Set up the formation! Capture the assassin!”


Afterwards, hundreds of personal guards immediately drew their swords and surrounded and killed the assassin.

“Capture the assassin!”

Not to be outdone, Kang Qiao suddenly drew his sword, commanded his own bodyguards, and killed them from the other direction.

Their personal guards are all carefully selected elites. Each one of them can equal one to a hundred, and are much stronger than ordinary soldiers.

Although that assassin was very powerful, he was able to rush in and kill thousands of soldiers because he didn’t meet any real elites.

Once their personal guards enter the scene, it is obviously impossible to continue the rampage of cutting melons and vegetables.

Sure enough, as soon as the personal guards of the two princes appeared, the charging speed of the assassins in front immediately slowed down.

The Guards are far stronger than ordinary soldiers in terms of strength, equipment, and combat experience.

Although it cannot compete with those top experts, it can also play a great limiting role.

Just like ordinary soldiers, they only wear ordinary steel armor, but elite guards can wear black iron armor.

In terms of defense, the two sides are not on the same level.

It takes more effort for a martial arts master to kill ten personal guards than to kill a hundred ordinary soldiers.

“Hmph! I thought he was so powerful, but as soon as our personal guards appeared, he was already dead.”

Looking at the surrounded assassins in front of him, Kang Qiao couldn’t help but sneered, thinking that he had a chance to win.

“That’s natural! They are all elites trained with a lot of money. How can they be the same as ordinary soldiers?” Chen Chao smiled lightly.

“Who can kill this thief! I will reward you with a reward of ten thousand taels!” Kang Qiao raised his sword to the sky and shouted at the same time.

As soon as these words came out, tens of thousands of soldiers were shocked.

They rushed towards the center of the battlefield, and the fear they had before turned into desire.

The bounty is ten thousand taels, which is enough to drive people crazy.

“Kill, kill, kill! Kill him!”

The soldiers roared angrily and charged forward fearlessly.

Invisibly, a gap appeared in the defensive formation that had been maintained before.

The black figure seized the opportunity, immediately increased his speed, and before the gap was closed, he rushed directly towards Chen Chao and the two men.

“Don’t be chaotic! Hold your ground!”

Chen Chao frowned and quickly gave instructions, but it was already too late.

The black figure was too fast. After finding a flaw, he became even more invincible. The sword in his hand was like a meat grinder.

Wherever he passed, there were stumps of limbs and broken arms all over the ground, making it impossible to stop him.

The personal guards of the two princes tried to stop him, but to no avail.

The black figure was like a tiger entering a flock of sheep and started killing everyone.

“It’s broken! This person just hid his strength and we fell into a trap!”

Kang Qiao’s expression changed, and he quickly noticed something unusual.

When fighting against the bodyguards, the assassin deliberately showed weakness and assumed a posture of being surrounded.

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