Chapter 1820

Chapter 1820

Dustin’s plan is very simple, capture the thief first and capture the king first.

When the two sides start fighting, let Thorian Rhys and Youlongwei attract most of the firepower first.

Then, he took the opportunity to break into the army and capture the four princes alive.

With his strength, although he cannot kill tens of thousands of troops, there is no big problem in taking the heads of enemy generals from thousands of troops.

In order to prevent the four major princes from being scared away, he retained most of his strength when he first charged into the battle, just to show weakness. It was not until the guards around Chen Chao Kangqiao were lured away that he suddenly broke out and captured the two of them in one fell swoop.

Now that Chen Chao Kangqiao has been captured, only Dustin Song and He Yuanhui are left.

As long as the last two princes are dealt with, the army outside the palace will naturally retreat without a fight.

“It’s your turn!”

Dustin’s eyes narrowed, and after finding the location of the two of them, he rushed forward with his sword.

“Quick! Stop him!”

“Come on! Come on! Don’t let him get close!”

Dustin Song and He Yuanhui roared again and again, looking panicked.

It’s not like they haven’t seen thousands of enemies on the battlefield, but no matter how powerful the warrior is, as long as they are surrounded, they will only die.

However, this assassin is completely different. Not only is he invincible, but he also becomes more courageous as he fights without feeling any fatigue at all.

It is simply unbelievable that an army of tens of thousands could not stop such a person!

This is probably not much more than the West Lucozia Sword Immortal Bai Ye back then.

When did the palace have such a master?

“Protect the Marquis!”

Seeing Dustin charging straight towards him, no one could stop him. The guards of the two princes immediately formed a defensive formation to try to prevent Dustin from approaching.

They didn’t have any confidence in killing the assassin, they just hoped to delay it for a little longer so that their prince could escape safely.

“Master Hou! Stop looking! Get in the car quickly!”

Several trusted generals, without any explanation, directly pushed Dustin Song and He Yuanhui into the car.

During the siege of the palace, all nearby streets had been blocked.

The vehicle was moving smoothly. As long as the guards persisted for a few minutes, Chen Chao and He Yuanhui could retreat to a safe area and hide.

It would not be too late for the assassin to show up again after he was surrounded and killed by the army.

“Where to go!”

Seeing that the two princes were about to take the opportunity to escape, Dustin swung his long sword and immediately turned into a black light and crashed straight into the vehicle.

“Xuanwu Formation!”

Hundreds of guards directly abandoned their swords, took out the shields from their backs, and placed them on their chests, forming a strong human wall.

They knew they couldn’t kill the enemy, so they chose to defend with all their strength.

“Get away!”

Dustin did not dodge and ran into the wall of people.

He saw his long sword swinging, blood splashing everywhere, and wherever the sword light passed, whether it was a person or a shield, it was directly cut into two.

Although it is still unstoppable, the resistance is obviously greater and the charging efficiency is much lower.

“Hold on! Don’t retreat!”

Several guards captains roared and ordered their subordinates to use their lives to delay time.

It’s just that the gap in strength is there. Even if they try their best, they can’t stop Dustin’s attack. At most, they can only slow down their pace.

“Drive! Drive quickly!”

In the car, Dustin Song and He Yuanhui kept urging.

A general got into the driver’s seat, started the engine, and stepped on the accelerator. The vehicle sprang out like a cheetah and quickly moved away from the battlefield.

Seeing Dustin getting further and further away, the two people in the car couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief.

“Damn! It was so dangerous! I almost got caught!”


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