Chapter 1821

Chapter 1821

Dustin Song wiped the cold sweat from his head and felt a lingering fear in his heart.

Fortunately, they ran fast, and fortunately they had the bodyguards who were brave enough to delay their death. Otherwise, once the assassin got closer, their fate would probably be the same as that of Chen Chao and the other two, who would be captured alive.

By then, not only will all the efforts be in vain, but one’s worth and life will be at risk.

“It’s strange. How can such a powerful person come from the palace? He can’t even stop an army of tens of thousands.” He Yuanhui frowned in thought.

According to their investigation, there are two powerful people in the palace, namely Shi Changning and Albert.

Albert has been trapped by Dustin Kate’s design, and Shi Changning also showed up just now. Even if there is an elite force hidden in the palace, it is within their expectations.

But the assassin just now was outside of the plan.

If it were just an ordinary assassin, it would be okay. The key is that the opponent is too powerful, powerful enough to kill thousands of troops early and easily kill someone.

This terrifying sense of oppression was far inferior to even Albert and Shi Changning.

It is a huge threat to them.

“I think this matter must be reported to the general as soon as possible, and we must be careful. This assassin is too strong. If he carries out a beheading operation, it will be impossible to prevent him!” Dustin Song said with a solemn face.

“That’s right! Contact the general immediately and ask him to personally lead the troops to suppress it. Take this opportunity to kill such an assassin, otherwise there will be endless trouble!” He Yuanhui said solemnly.

“Yes!” a general in the co-pilot responded.

Then he took out his phone and started delivering the message.


At this time, the vehicle suddenly braked suddenly.

The tires rubbed against the ground, leaving four long marks.

Dustin Song and He Yuanhui in the car were shaken violently, and their heads hit the back of the front seat.

“What’s going on? Why did you stop the car?!”

Dustin Song rubbed his head, a little annoyed.

“Master Hou, there is someone blocking the road ahead!”

The general driving the car pointed forward.

The two of them took a closer look and found that at the intersection in front of them, a middle-aged man wearing black armor and holding a spear was standing majestically.

“Wulinghou——Nangong Po?!”

After seeing the person coming, Dustin Song and He Yuanhui suddenly raised their eyebrows.

They didn’t expect that Nangong Po would actually come, and judging from the battle, they were enemies rather than friends.

You must know that among the eight princes of West Lucozia, Nangong Po’s personal military force definitely ranks first.

The other seven people combined are probably not enough to fight Nangong Po alone.

If they were protected by personal guards, they could still fight.

Now there are only two trusted generals left around them, and it is unlikely that they will deal with Nangong Po tomorrow.

“Dustin Song, He Yuanhui, you are so brave. You dare to raise an army and rebel. Get off the car immediately and capture without mercy. Otherwise, don’t blame me for killing you!”

Nangong Po spoke loudly, the sound was like thunder, hovering in the sky and lingering for a long time.

“Master Hou! Do you want to hit us?” the general driving the car asked.

“Hit the ass!”

Dustin Song said angrily: “Nangong Po is so powerful that he can be defeated by thousands of people on the battlefield. If we go up there, we will die!”

“What should we do? Is it possible that we really have to surrender?” He Yuanhui was a little panicked.

“Back off! Let’s run in the other direction!” Dustin Song shouted.


The general driving the car stepped on the accelerator, and the vehicle immediately turned around and left at high speed.

However, at this moment, a black figure suddenly fell from the sky.

Like a heavenly soldier descending into the world, it landed directly a hundred meters ahead, blocking the way of the vehicle.

The person who came was surprisingly Dustin, who had broken out of the sieg


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