Chapter 1822


Chapter 1822

At this moment, Dustin was covered in blood and filled with murderous intent.

The originally black clothes had been dyed dark red by blood, and the Sky Sword in his hand trembled slightly and made a soft sound.

It seemed like he would attack at any moment.

“Damn it! How can this guy be so fast?!”

Looking at Dustin standing in front of him, Dustin Song couldn’t help but change his expression.

He thought the guards could hold off for a while, but he didn’t expect the assassins to break through and catch up.

“There is a wolf in front and a tiger in the back. Now we are in trouble!” He Yuanhui panicked.

They are now fighting alone, facing the attack of two powerful men, without any room for resistance.

It’s okay for Nangong Po to say that due to his status, he might not kill him, but that assassin was different.

They all saw the killing scene just now. If they dared to resist, they might be killed on the spot.

“Buddy Dustin, what should we do now?” He Yuanhui swallowed.

Hearing this, Dustin Song couldn’t help but sigh, with a face full of despair: “What can we do? We are at the end of our rope. If we don’t want to die, we can only surrender.”


He Yuanhui frowned: “Buddy Dustin, we are charged with rebellion. Once we surrender, our homes will be confiscated and exiled, or our heads will be beheaded in public. No matter which outcome, we will be finished for life!”

“Of course I know, but right now, we have no other choice.”

Dustin Song looked at the murderous Dustin in front of him, then at the majestic Nangong Po behind him, and said bitterly: “Instead of being killed now, surrendering at least has a chance of survival. Besides, the general has not taken action yet, as long as As long as we are alive, there is still hope for a comeback!”

Hearing this, He Yuanhui couldn’t help but his eyes lit up: “Yes! We still have the general here, we haven’t lost yet!”

“Surrender, temporarily forbear, just for a brighter future!” Dustin Song took a deep breath.

“Okay, surrender!” He Yuanhui nodded heavily.

Although surrendering is a bit humiliating, at least it can save your life.

They now need to endure hardships, hold back, and wait until the time is right to uncover the truth and cooperate with Dustin Kate to seize control of the entire West Lucozia in one fell swoop.

“Wait! I have something to say! Don’t do anything!”

After discussing it, Dustin Song and He Yuanhui got out of the car one after another, spoke loudly, stopped drinking, and prepared to force Dustin and Nangong Po.

“Hmph! You two old foxes are quite smart. If you had been slower for a few minutes, I would have punched a few holes in your body with my spear!”

Nangong Po came from behind. The spear in his hand dragged the ground, pulling out a long trace, accompanied by a spark.

“Wuling Hou, why are you here?” Dustin Song asked tentatively.

“You four northern princes are openly plotting rebellion. As a loyal minister of West Lucozia, I naturally cannot stand by and watch, so I came here overnight to suppress you people who don’t know how to live or die!” Nangong Po said unceremoniously.

“Wuling Hou, have you misunderstood something? We are avenging the prince, so we sent troops to catch the murderer.” Dustin Song also tried to defend.

“Dustin, do you think I’m an idiot? Now that we’ve reached this point, do you still want to escape unscathed?” Nangong Po snorted coldly.

Chapter 1823

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