Chapter 1828

Chapter 1828

The sound of the words “The surrenderer will not be killed” kept hovering over the palace.

The judgment that was already panicked before is now even more frightened, and there is no longer any fighting spirit.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang…”

More and more soldiers threw away their weapons.

Even if some die-hards refuse to surrender, they will be captured and tied up immediately.

The palace could not be attacked for a long time, and all the troops stationed at the city gate were defeated, leaving them alone and helpless.

In addition to the fact that the four princes were captured and some fled for their lives, now they were in doom and had no other choice.

Surrender or die.

In the unknown situation, they naturally did not want to sacrifice their lives in vain.

“I will abide by the promise I just made. Anyone who surrenders voluntarily will be exempted from guilt.”

Looking at the rebels who threw down their weapons, Princess Elara spoke again.

There was no aggressiveness, no strong aura, and the tone became softer.

This made the soldiers who surrendered feel a little ashamed while breathing a sigh of relief.

“Thank you, Princess, for your kindness!”

Many officers knelt on the ground to express their gratitude.

“Thank you, Princess, for your kindness!”

After the officer took the lead, a large number of soldiers knelt on the ground.

In just a few minutes, the battlefield that had just been filled with shouts of killing was filled with people kneeling on their knees.

All the soldiers were sincerely convinced by Princess Elara’s kindness.

“What do you two say?”

Princess Elara turned around and looked at Chen Chao and Kang Qiao behind him.

The two of them were still hanging at the door of the palace, and they were as embarrassed as they wanted.

“I…we surrendered!”

Chen Chao and Kang Qiao looked at each other and could only choose to surrender.

When the palace’s reinforcements arrived, it meant that their army stationed outside the city gate had been defeated.

And the vanguard troops who besieged the palace now knelt down and surrendered, and the two of them became hostages.

In this situation, they had to surrender.

At least, you have to pretend to admit defeat on the surface.

In fact, there is still a glimmer of hope in their hearts.

As long as General Dustin Kate can lead the Black Dragon Army to arrive, they can still make a comeback.

The Black Dragon Army’s battle against the soldiers and horses of the eight princes was almost a dimensionality reduction attack.

It’s just that the Black Dragon Army guards the major fortresses. Without military symbols, it is impossible to mobilize troops on a large scale, and Dustin Kate must personally come forward.

It is precisely because of this that Dustin Kate has not returned.

Of course, the most important thing is that no one expected that the originally foolproof plan would have such a flaw.

First of all, the troops of the four southern princes arrived too quickly, and the 100,000 defenders outside the city were inexplicably defeated and surrendered.

In addition, there is an unknown top powerhouse hidden in the palace.

It was precisely because of the existence of this strong man that the four of them were captured and fled for their lives.

So that tens of thousands of troops led by dragons were finally forced to surrender.


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