Chapter 1829

Chapter 1829

Now, their only hope is that Dustin Kate can bring the Black Dragon Army.

“Although you two are not the masterminds, you are still accomplices. You can escape the death penalty, but you cannot escape the living crime.”

Princess Elara said coldly: “Come here! Take them two down first and keep them under strict guard. No one is allowed to come near without my order!”


Several personal guards quickly stepped forward and forcibly pulled away the tied up Chen Chao and Kang Qiao.

“General Shi, please handle the matter of surrendering troops. Too many people died today. I don’t want more casualties.” Princess Elara looked at Shi Changning.

“Understood!” Shi Changning nodded heavily.

“I admire the princess’s kindness and righteousness!”

At this time, four figures walked out of the army.

Wherever they passed, the soldiers automatically moved out of the way.

The four of them were the four major princes in the south.

The one on the far left is Nangong Po, followed by Wen Shun, Zhou Bo, and Cornelius Ao.

“I was late waiting for help to arrive, which frightened the princess. Please atone for your sins.”

Meekness and humility.

“You’re welcome, Marquis Wen. If you hadn’t arrived in time, the palace would have been in danger. You are all meritorious ministers!”

Princess Elara stepped forward quickly and raised his gentle hands.

To be honest, it was beyond her expectation that the four major princes in the south could send troops to support them so quickly.

It can be seen that these people are all hard-working people, rushing to help at starry night without any delay.

“Protecting the palace and protecting West Lucozia is our responsibility, and it should be so.” Wen Shun smiled slightly.

“That’s right! If the prince hadn’t saved my life back then, how would I have been able to live a good life today? As long as I can keep the prince’s palace safe, I, Cornelius, would be willing to risk my life!” Cornelius Aohao said angrily.

Among the four major princes in the south, he is the most frank and loyal.

“Princess, we will be a family from now on. If the palace is in trouble, I will naturally support you.” Zhou Bo said with a smile.


Princess Elara was slightly startled, glanced at Thorian Rhys next to him, and then smiled: “Yes, you are all good brothers of the prince, so naturally we are a family.”

“Princess, with all due respect, although the crisis in the palace has been temporarily resolved, there is still a big hidden danger.” Nangong said abruptly.

“Who is Wu Linghou referring to?” Princess Elara pretended not to know.

“General Hussars—Dustin Kate!”

Nangong Po said without hesitation: “The four guys who rebelled tonight are all Dustin Kate’s people. Although the kid has captured him, the King of Hell is still there and is always a big threat. And everyone knows that Dustin Kate has many soldiers and generals, and the losses will be huge.” Four subordinates are nothing at all, maybe he will have a more violent attack next.”

“It makes sense. Dustin Kate is a man with a deep influence in the city. If he dares to take risks to seize the throne, he must have some backup plans. We have to be careful.” Zhou Bo nodded in agreement.

“What are you afraid of? The soldiers are coming to cover up the water and the earth. The four of us work together, plus the power of the palace, can’t we beat Dustin Kate?” Cornelius Ao was a little unconcerned.

“Cornelius Hou, have you ever thought about how we should respond if Dustin Kate calls the Black Dragon Army?” Nangong Po asked.

“Black Dragon Army?”

As soon as these words came out, Cornelius Ao suddenly frowned: “No way? The Black Dragon Army only recognizes the prince and the soldiers. If there is no war, even Dustin Kate, as a hussar general, will not have the power to mobilize the army on a large scale. “

“That’s what I said, but now that the prince has passed away, before the new king succeeds to the throne, Dustin Kate is the most powerful person in West Lucozia.”

Nangong Po said calmly: “Besides, Dustin Kate has been appointed Hussar General in the Black Dragon Army for many years, and he must have accumulated a group of cronies under him. As long as he finds a good excuse to mobilize more than 100,000 or 200,000 Black Dragon Army, it is not a big problem. .”

“Excuse? Dustin Kate rebelled and committed a heinous crime. What other good excuse can there be? The Black Dragon Army are all loyal soldiers. I don’t believe they will follow in the rebellion!” Cornelius Ao said.

“Dustin Kate started a rebellion. Apart from us who knew it well, who would know?”

Nangong Po shrugged: “As for the excuse, it’s even simpler… The prince passed away, and the eight princes rose up to seize power. As a general of the Hussars, Dustin Kate, is it natural for him to mobilize the Black Dragon Army to rehabilitate him? Anyway, isn’t it right? As long as everyone kills people and silences them, and eliminates all those who know the truth, Dustin Kate still has the final say in the final truth?”


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