Chapter 1830

Chapter 1830

“What? Murder and silence?!”

Hearing this, Cornelius Ao’s expression suddenly changed: “Are you kidding? The four major princes in the north are all Dustin Kate’s people. How could he kill them all without distinguishing between friends and foes?”

“Those who achieve great things must be ruthless. For a man like him who has been on the battlefield for a long time, sacrificing a few troops is nothing.”

Nangong Po said calmly: “Of course, this is only the final plan. If the four northern princes can successfully seize power and retrieve the marshal’s talisman, then he does not need to take this risk and can directly succeed. But on the contrary, once the four northern princes Defeat, in order to achieve great things, I believe Dustin Kate will do whatever it takes!”

The more ambitious people are, the crazier they act.

Previously, Dustin Kate was suppressed by the prince, and he had been hiding his edge and accumulating information.

Now that the prince has passed away, Dustin Kate, without restraints, is like a dragon entering the sea, unstoppable.

“According to what you say, we should really be careful.” Cornelius Ao said thoughtfully.

The Black Dragon Army is the strongest in West Lucozia, and even the strongest in the world.

Whoever controls the Black Dragon Army will be invincible.

If Dustin Kate, as General of the Hussars, used the excuse of King Qin to quell the chaos, it would indeed be very possible to mobilize a large number of Black Dragon Army.

Once the two sides go to war, there is no right or wrong.

Only the winner is the king and the loser is the bandit.

“You princes, you are all the pillars of West Lucozia. Do you have any good strategies to deal with this?” Princess Elara asked tentatively.

“I’m good at fighting, but using my brain is not suitable for me.” Cornelius Ao looked helpless.

“Neither can I.” Zhou Bo shook his head.

“Marquis Wen, you are very talented and resourceful. Why don’t you bring attention to everyone?” Nangong Po looked at Wen Shun.

The reason why they were able to persuade the 100,000 defenders at the city gate to surrender was because of the gentle and heart-attacking tactics provided by Wen Wen.

Through the officers’ relatives and friends, they were persuaded to surrender.

Many officers themselves were not afraid of death, but that didn’t mean they didn’t care about the lives of their relatives and friends. Under this emotional offensive, they finally completely surrendered an army of 100,000 men without spending a single soldier.

“Wise and scheming, I dare not take it seriously, but I do have two immature methods.” Wen Shun said.

“Oh? Marquis Wen, please speak.” Princess Elara’s eyes lit up.

Dustin Kate is a huge threat. If he can be solved early, everything will be fine.

“The first way, the simplest and most effective way to stabilize the situation, is to immediately elect a new King of West Lucozia to succeed him, and then announce it to the world. In this way, even if Dustin Kate intends to seize power, he will not be able to find any excuse to send troops. Otherwise, it would be rebellion, and the generals of the Black Dragon Army would not obey his orders.” Wen Shun said.

“good idea!”

Cornelius Ao’s eyes lit up and he said excitedly: “As long as the throne is determined, Dustin Kate will not be able to make any big waves unless he breaks the boat and risks the disapproval of the world to rebel and seize power. But this is basically a dead end!”

“That’s right!”

Zhou Bo nodded and said: “In my opinion, it is better to let the young prince succeed to the throne tonight, and then issue a notice tomorrow morning to tell the world!”

His daughter is already engaged to Thorian Rhys. If Thorian Rhys can ascend the throne early, then his daughter can become the new princess one day earlier.


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