Chapter 1831

Chapter 1831

“Although the method is good, it has a drawback.”

Nangong Po said thoughtfully: “The new king’s succession requires official permission and hundreds of officials to testify, otherwise it will be difficult to convince others. To obtain the official will, it takes at least three days to invite hundreds of officials to testify. Days, given our current situation, we simply can’t last that long.”

“Isn’t it? Is it so troublesome for the new king to succeed?”

Cornelius Ao frowned slightly: “Everyone knows that Thorian is the son of the prince, so it is natural for him to succeed the Prince of West Lucozia.”

“Yes! They say that emergency measures should be followed, and extraordinary things should be done in extraordinary times.” Zhou Bo echoed.

“You two think that to succeed to the throne of West Lucozia is to choose the king of the mountain? You just need to plant a flag, drink a few bowls of wine, and say a few heroic words and that’s it? Don’t be ridiculous!”

Nangong Po said speechlessly: “The throne of West Lucozia is not only related to the people of West Lucozia, but also to the people of the world. If West Lucozia is in chaos, the world will be in chaos. If West Lucozia is safe, the world will be safe. It is no exaggeration to say that our West Lucozia The weight of the throne is no less important than the throne of the official family. For such an important position, how can you just choose it? Just sit down? “

“What Marquis Nangong said makes sense. Although I really want Thorian to succeed to the throne and stabilize the morale of the army, succession to the throne is not a child’s play. If it is too hasty, it will be counterproductive and make people’s talk.” Princess Elara shook his head.

There are no rules and no rules. The position of King of West Lucozia is too important. There is no official edict and no witnesses from civil and military officials. It doesn’t count at all.

“You just stick to the rules, look forward and backward, and miss opportunities.” Cornelius Ao said angrily.

“If the young prince cannot succeed to the throne now, won’t we be doomed once Dustin Kate’s army comes to the border?” Zhou Bo frowned.

“Marquis Wen, don’t you have another idea? Just tell him straight away and stop trying to keep it secret.” Nangong Po looked at Wen Shun again.

“The second method is a little more complicated and more risky. The success rate is only about 50%.” Wen Shun said.

“Fifty percent? It’s a bit low, but you can give it a try. What can you do?” Cornelius Ao asked tentatively.

“Go straight to the beheading operation.”

Wen Wen said in an astonishing voice: “Our biggest threat now is Dustin Kate. If he dies and the trees fall and the hozens scatter, the generals under his command will not pose much of a threat, and the crisis in the palace will naturally be lifted.”

“Decapitation operation?”

Cornelius Ao touched his chin and said solemnly: “It seems feasible, but the risk is too great. Dustin Kate is surrounded by many soldiers and masters. If we want to assassinate him, it will undoubtedly be as difficult as climbing to the sky.”

“Yes! Now that the two sides have started a war, Dustin Kate will definitely be cautious and guard against assassinations. The strongest among us is Wu Linghou.” Zhou Bo took advantage of the situation and looked at Nangong Po.

“Hey! What do you think I’m doing? I don’t want to die!” Nangong Po refused.

Dustin Kate is likely to have a powerful person at the Grand Master level hidden beside him.

With his strength, let alone whether the assassination can be successful, even if it is successful, there will be only death in the end.

It was obviously impossible for him and Dustin Kate to trade their lives.

“If Wu Linghou doesn’t go, then who else is suitable?”

Zhou Bo frowned and said: “Let’s go for a while. Where can we find a powerful assassin who is not afraid of death?”

“Let me go. I am certain that I can trade with Dustin Kate.” At this time, Shi Changning suddenly stood up.

As the captain of the Royal Guards, his strength is infinitely close to that of the Grand Master.

If you try your best, you will be able to fight even a real grand master.


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