Chapter 1832

Chapter 1832

Shi Changning’s voice instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

Princess Elara opened her mouth but stopped talking.

Shi Changning is a personal guard of the palace and someone she trusts very much. To be honest, she doesn’t want him to risk his life.

But in this case, there seems to be no more suitable candidate.

“General Shi is powerful and loyal. If he assassinates Dustin Kate, he does have a slight chance.” Cornelius Ao nodded.

As the captain of the prince’s personal guard, there is no doubt about his strength, and his loyalty is even more so.

“General Shi, it’s not that I look down on you, but you alone may not be enough.” Nangong Po suddenly spoke.

“Wait! Isn’t there still the legendary human killer?”

Zhou Bo’s eyes suddenly lit up and he said: “The reputation of human slaughter is resounding throughout the world. In terms of strength, he should be no worse than General Shi, right?”

“No, Mr. Tyler is far better than me.” Shi Changning said truthfully.

Although he is the captain of the prince’s personal guard and is known as the top expert in the prince’s palace, in fact, killing Tylerfu is the prince’s real trump card.

The three ultimate Grandmasters of West Lucozia are the Sword Immortal, the Drunken Maniac, and the Human Slaughterer.

Now that the Sword Immortal has fallen and Jiu Kuang has disappeared, the remaining Ren Tu has become one of the strongest men in West Lucozia, and his strength has already reached the Grand Master level.

He was ashamed of himself.

“Great! Since Human Tu is powerful and even more powerful than General Shi, wouldn’t it be more reliable to ask someone to slaughter the horse?” Zhou Bo said in high spirits.

“I’m sorry. Mr. Tyler has been missing since he left the palace. It’s impossible for Mr. Tyler to take action.” Shi Changning replied.


Cornelius Ao frowned: “What the hell is this Albert doing? The palace is in danger, and this guy actually disappeared. It’s really unreasonable!”

“Human Tu, didn’t you realize that the situation was not good and ran away?” Zhou Bo asked tentatively.

“Marquis Zhou, be careful what you say!”

Shi Changning’s face turned cold: “Master Tyler is loyal and devoted to the country and the people. He will never become a deserter!”

“Sorry, sorry, I just can’t speak sometimes with my mouth.” Zhou Bo smiled coquettishly.

I almost forgot the prestige of Tu Tylerfu among the soldiers and civilians of West Lucozia.

Although he has retreated behind the scenes for many years, his glorious achievements can never be erased.

The evil reputation of massacre is for the enemy country. In the eyes of West Lucozia soldiers and people, massacre Tylerfu is undoubtedly the savior.

“If Albert is not here, the success rate of assassinating Dustin Kate is very low.” Nangong Po shook his head.

“I’m willing to give it a try, even if it means risking my life.” Shi Changning looked determined.

“General Shi, I am willing to help you succeed.”

At this time, a man in black walked out of the crowd.

The man holding a black sword and covered in blood was none other than Dustin in disguise.


Princess Elara looked up and down, and suddenly realized: “Are you the mysterious master who just rushed into the midst of thousands of troops alone and captured Chen Chao and Kang Qiao?”

“Mysterious master?”

As soon as these words came out, everyone’s eyes were focused on Dustin.

Except for Thorian Rhys and Wen Wen, no one here knew Dustin’s identity.

But being able to capture the two major princes of Chen Dynasty and Kangqiao alive from an army of tens of thousands is enough to prove his strength.


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