Chapter 1834

Chapter 1834

In the side hall of the palace.

The four southern princes sat down one after another and waited quietly.

Everyone has a different look and is thoughtful.

Nangong Po was drinking tea leisurely, while Wen Wen closed his eyes and rested without saying a word. Zhou Bo looked around and observed the layout of the palace’s side hall.

As for Cornelius Ao, he was a little impatient, sometimes standing, sometimes sitting, and sometimes pacing back and forth.

After waiting for about a stick of incense, Princess Elara led Thorian Rhys and Shi Changning into the side hall.

In his hand, he also held an exquisite red sandalwood box.

“Everyone, the marshal’s soldiers have arrived.”

Princess Elara put the red sandalwood box on the table, opened it and saw a golden tiger charm lying inside.

The tiger talisman is carved lifelike and full of majesty.

On the body of the tiger talisman, there is also a line of golden text engraved on it: The talisman of soldiers and armors, the left is for the king, and the right is for the cool.

“It’s indeed the Marshal’s Talisman!”

After seeing the tiger talisman, Cornelius Ao couldn’t help but his eyes lit up: “With this military talisman in hand, we can dispatch the Black Dragon Army. By then, Dustin Kate’s conspiracy will be defeated!”

“Young prince! Without further ado, quickly take the military talisman to the Black Dragon Army’s station, meet the protagonists first, and identify yourself, so as not to be taken advantage of by Dustin Kate.” Zhou Bo urged.

“The marshal’s military talisman is very important. Dustin Kate will never sit still and wait for death. The young prince’s trip will be extremely dangerous, so he must be fully prepared.” Wen Shun reminded.

“I understand. I have already discussed with my mother. I will send ten teams of spies out of the city from all directions, and I will be among them. Even if Dustin Kate is prepared, he will not be able to find me in a short time. Wait until he When I realized the danger, I was probably already at the Black Dragon Army’s station.” Thorian Rhys said with a serious face.

“That’s good.”

Wen Wen nodded, and then said: “Little prince, only you and the princess can know the whereabouts this time. You must not tell the third person to avoid accidents.”

“Thank you Uncle Wen for reminding me, I will be careful.” Thorian Rhys nodded.

“Without further delay, let’s take action quickly.” Wen Shun said.


At this time, Nangong Po suddenly said: “Is there something wrong with this soldier talisman?”

“has a problem?”

Thorian Rhys frowned: “What’s wrong?”

“I remember that the prince’s military talisman didn’t look like this. Could it have been stolen?” Nangong Po said with some confusion.


Princess Elara rejected it flatly: “The prince’s military talisman is hidden in the secret room. No one else knows about it except me and the prince. There is no way it will be compromised.”

“That’s strange.” Nangong Po squinted his eyes and looked carefully.

“Uncle Nangong, did you see it wrong?” Thorian Rhys asked.

“It’s hard to say, let me take a closer look.”

Nangong Po took the soldier talisman from Thorian Rhys and began to observe it carefully.

At this moment, Wen Shun seemed to have seen something, and his expression suddenly changed: “Young prince! Be careful with the weapon talisman!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Nangong Po suddenly smiled evilly, then with a turn of his wrist, the soldier symbol suddenly disappeared.

“Little prince! Thank you very much!”

Nangong Po suddenly stamped his foot, and his whole body suddenly rose up from the ground, directly hitting the roof, and disappeared into the darkness at an extremely fast speed.

Everything happened so suddenly that no one present could fully react.

From Nangong Po receiving the military talisman to walking away, it only took two seconds.

In just a blink of an eye, Nangong Po disappeared completely along with the military talisman.

“Nangong Po is a traitor! Get the soldier talisman back quickly! Otherwise, the palace will be in danger!”


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