Chapter 1844

Chapter 1844

”Come here! Get this guy!”

Seeing that Dustin was attacking regardless, Dustin Kate finally gave the order.

Those who are powerful and can use them for themselves are naturally the best.

But if it cannot be used, it cannot be left to the enemy. The threat must be eliminated!

”Come on!”

Harmon Liang waved his hand high.

Hundreds of martial arts masters immediately swarmed up and surrounded to kill Dustin.

These are all officers and generals of the Black Dragon Army. They are all extremely powerful. Their combined strength is even stronger than thousands of troops.


Suddenly, a black figure fell from the sky, like a meteor falling to the ground, and hit the crowd with lightning speed.


There was a loud noise.

The ground shattered, smoke and dust flew everywhere, and a powerful shock wave centered on the impact point and swept away in all directions.

Wherever they passed, the masters were forced to retreat continuously, unable to stand for a while.

”Who is it?!”

Everyone looked closely and saw an old man wearing rich clothes and with white hair appearing fifty meters ahead.

The old man’s face was indifferent, his aura was strong, and a layer of red smoke appeared on the surface of his body.

It was an extremely strong murderous aura, and the faint sounds of ghosts crying and wolves howling could be heard.

The person who came was none other than the notorious executioner—Albert!

”Albert? He finally appeared!” Princess Elara looked happy.

Since the death of the prince, Albert has also disappeared.

For several days in a row, he haven’t shown up, and no matter how she contacted him, there was no news at all.

Now that the critical moment has appeared again, it can be said that a magic weapon descended from heaven.

As one of the three masters of the Rhys Family, Albert’s true strength is still a mystery.

No one knows how strong Albert is, but anyone targeted by Albert will eventually die.

”Great! With Master Tyler here, we have a little more vitality!”

  Seeing the visitor, Cornelius Ao could not help but feel refreshed.

Albert is a legendary figure and the prince’s most capable general. Although he is usually very low-key, no one dares to look down upon him.

After all, the title of Human Massacre is the supreme honor earned with the blood of hundreds of thousands of enemy soldiers.

”People slaughterer Tyler?”

Dustin Kate narrowed his eyes slightly, his face became more serious.

Looking at the entire West Lucozia, the person he fears the most is Rufus Rhys, but he is dead now.

And the second in line is the hidden human butcher in front of him.

”According to the prince’s instructions, everyone in the Black Dragon Army must withdraw to the fortress and guard the border without any mistakes!” Albert said loudly.

His voice was like thunder, resounding throughout the world, with a force that could not be refuted.

”Your Majesty’s oral message?”

As soon as these words came out, the generals of the Black Dragon Army couldn’t help but look at each other in shock and doubt.

They were summoned by the military talisman. The presence of the marshal’s military talisman was equivalent to the prince’s personal presence.

Therefore, they had to obey Dustin Kate’s order. This was their bound duty as a general.

Now that they heard the four words of the prince’s oral instructions, they were a little confused.

”Hmph! What is the prince’s oral decree? It’s just nonsense!”

Dustin Kate took two steps forward and said coldly: “Albert! The prince has already passed away, so where did the oral decree come from? In my opinion, it is clearly you who made a lie and deceived the world. !”

”That’s right!”

Nangong Po said in support: “The prince is dead, and now the military talisman is in the hands of the general. All Black Dragon Army must obey the orders of the general. You, a little butler of the palace, What qualifications do you have to dictate here?”

”I’ll say it again, the prince ordered all Black Dragon Army to return to the fortress!” Albert spoke again with a cold face.

The voice was louder and more powerful than before.

”Come here! Catch this traitor!”

Dustin Kate was too lazy to talk nonsense and directly gave the order.


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