Chapter 1846

Chapter 1846

At this moment, Dustin Kate was not calm anymore.

He had calculated everything, but he had not calculated that Rufus Rhys would still be standing in front of him alive.

This kind of blow is really unbearable.

In fact, not only Dustin Kate, but all the rebel generals, including Nangong Po, were stunned with shock and turned pale.

It was precisely because of Rufus Rhys’s death that they dared to follow Dustin Kate in rebellion.

If Rufus Rhys hadn’t died, even if they had a hundred courages, they wouldn’t have dared to commit such a rebellious act.

”It’s so lively today, so many people are here?”

Rufus Rhys walked out of the door slowly, and the crowd dispersed automatically wherever he passed.

”Your Majesty! Haven’t you already…”

Princess Elara hesitated, her face full of bewilderment.

She saw with her own eyes that Rufus Rhys was pierced through the chest with a sword, and also saw that the other party lost his breath.

Moreover, she personally organized the funeral for the person in front of her.

She couldn’t understand how dead people could still come back to life?

”Don’t be nervous, I’m a human, not a ghost.”

Rufus Rhys smiled faintly: “The assassin’s sword almost killed me. Fortunately, I was lucky. I used my true energy to protect my heart, and I was lucky enough to recover it. Alive.”

”My lord! Why didn’t you tell us earlier? Do you know how sad we are?” Princess Elara said with tears in her eyes.

After the death of the prince, she was heartbroken, but for the sake of the prince’s palace, she had to control her emotions. While handling the funeral arrangements, she also had to compete with some ambitious people.

  ”Elara, you have worked hard these days.”

Rufus Rhys stretched out his hand to wipe away the tears from the corners of Princess Elara’s eyes, and said with a smile: “The reason why I pretended to be dead is, on the one hand, to take the opportunity to recover from my injuries; on the other hand, I also wanted to see , after my death, will the palace be in chaos, will West Lucozia be in chaos?”

At this point, Rufus Rhys’s eyes suddenly glanced at Dustin Kate and his party: “Unfortunately, things did not develop in a good direction. Some people What they did really disappointed me.”

After the assassination, he took advantage of the situation and chose to pretend to be dead, intending to test the reaction of the people around him.

Unexpectedly, in just a few days, such a big change occurred in the palace, and some people with ulterior motives in the past also showed their true colors.

Now that things have come to a point, he has no choice but to appear and set an end to this farce.

”Dad! It’s great that you’re okay!”

After a brief daze, Thorian Rhys couldn’t help but look overjoyed and began to complain: “In the past few days while you were recuperating, Dustin Kate united with the four major princes in the north to rebel, and even stole the marshal. The military talisman is simply audacious!”

”I already know all these things.”

Rufus Rhys nodded and looked at Dustin Kate calmly: “Third brother, the hussar general who is inferior to one person and superior to ten thousand people. Isn’t it enough to satisfy your ambition? Why do you want to embark on such a path of no return? Do you know how many people have been killed because of what you did?”

Dustin Kate had a gloomy face and said nothing.

Not only was he nervous but also fearful, his body was trembling slightly, and the knife in his hand was shaking.


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