Chapter 1847

Chapter 1847

”Third brother, we are all one family. As long as you put down the knife, I can spare your life.” Rufus Rhys said calmly.

”Why? Why don’t you die? You are obviously terminally ill and will die soon. Why are you still occupying the position of King of West Lucozia!”

Dustin Kate gritted his teeth, his eyes were bloodshot, and his whole expression looked a bit ferocious.

”Third brother, what kind of character do you have? I know very well that you are capable of both literary and military skills and are indeed very talented. However, you have no tolerance for others and your behavior is too bloody. You are not suitable to be a king, and you cannot be a king. .” Rufus Rhys said straightforwardly.


Dustin Kate suddenly roared: “You have been the king for decades, and now you are going to die. It is my turn to take this position! Looking at the entire West Lucozia, who is more suitable to be the new king than me? !”

”I already have a candidate for the new king, but it’s not you.” Rufus Rhys shook his head.

”Choice? Hahaha…”

Dustin Kate laughed wildly: “Thorian Rhys is just a young kid. In terms of talent, ability and majesty, how can he compare to me? Why should he compete with me? !”

”The candidate I mentioned is not Thorian.” Rufus Rhys said calmly.

”Who else could it be if it wasn’t Thorian Rhys? Are you still counting on Dustin, who has disappeared for ten years? You actually want to pass the throne to a guy who doesn’t even know whether he is alive or dead. Are you stupid?!” Dustin Kate didn’t even know his life or death. He sneered mercilessly.


After hearing this, Albert was about to explode, but Rufus Rhys raised his hand to stop him.

Compared with Dustin Kate’s roaring and madness, Rufus Rhys’s performance was extremely calm from beginning to end.

”Third brother, I can only tell you that Logan is not dead, and is still alive and well. He is now better than he was back then, and more suitable to be a king.” Rufus Rhys said seriously.

  ”So what if he’s not dead? Counting his age, Dustin is only a few years older than Thorian Rhys. In the final analysis, he is still a young boy. But I, who have experienced hundreds of battles, have a prestige among the military and civilians that is more than a thousand times stronger than Dustin’s. Times, if it’s fair competition, he’s not even worthy of carrying my shoes!” Dustin Kate roared.

He didn’t even pay attention to the Kirin of the Rhys Family.

Without Rufus Rhys’s support, it would be easy for him to suppress Dustin.

”Third brother, you are too arrogant. You don’t understand what it means that there are people outside the world and there is a world outside the world.”

Rufus Rhys’s eyes became more sympathetic: “If you have time, you should really go outside and take a look. Don’t just limit yourself to The scope of West Lucozia, this world, is much bigger than you think.”

”Stop talking nonsense! I think you are just selfish!”

Dustin Kate roared with a ferocious face: “You keep saying that you are for the country and the people, and for the people of West Lucozia , in fact, you are all thinking about your son. In your eyes, your son can only inherit your throne. To put it bluntly, you are a selfish hypocrite!”

"You are right, I do have selfish motives, but the basis of all this is to focus on the overall situation."

Rufus Rhys said calmly: “If my two sons are useless and are not qualified to be king, then I will never pass the throne to them.” “

Hmph! You speak so grandly, but in the end you are not thinking about your own son?”

Dustin Kate looked gloomy: “If you really serve the country and the people and use virtuous people without having to marry, then you should take the initiative to give up the throne and let us compete fairly!”

”You want fair competition, right?”

Hearing this, Rufus Rhys nodded unexpectedly: “Okay, I will give you a chance today to compete fairly with my son!”



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