Chapter 1848

Chapter 1848

”Fair competition?”

As soon as these words came out, everyone couldn’t help but look at each other.

No one expected that Rufus Rhys would say such a thing.

The situation has obviously been turned around. As long as the generals of the Black Dragon Army are ordered to capture Dustin Kate, the rebellion crisis will be completely resolved.

But Rufus Rhys didn’t do this, and instead gave Dustin Kate a chance to make a comeback.

This puzzled everyone.

”Your Majesty…”

Princess Elara opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but Rufus Rhys raised his hand to stop her: “You don’t need to say more, just be yourself.”

”Rufus Rhys, you… really want to be your son compete fairly with me?” Dustin Kate was a little shocked.

He had already planned to go all out just now, but he never thought that Rufus Rhys would play fair.

What the hell is this guy doing?

”If you want fairness, I will give you fairness. I will make you convinced that you lost.” Rufus Rhys said calmly.

”Okay! This is what you said!”

Dustin Kate narrowed his eyes and felt happy, and then said: “We West Lucozia Shangwu, if we want to be the new king, he must be strong. In my opinion, it is better to compete according to the rules of the army. Whoever wins the battle will be the king!”

”Dustin Kate! You are so shameless!”

After hearing this, Princess Elara finally couldn’t help it and shouted: “You have been fighting on the battlefield for many years, and your force is amazing. Looking at the whole West Lucozia, there is no, How many people are your opponents? You only choose your own strengths to compete. Is this fair?” “

In this world, the strong are respected, especially in West Lucozia. If you don’t have strong strength, how can you control thousands of people? Soldier? You don’t think that a weak scholar can be the Prince of West Lucozia, right?” Dustin Kate said seriously.

”That’s right! We will never recognize a weakling as king!” Nangong Po echoed.

”If whoever was stronger could be the king, then the world would have been in chaos!” Princess Elara retorted.

  ”I don’t know if the world is in chaos or not, but in the Black Dragon Army, if you want to gain respect, you must either be strong enough or have enough military exploits.”

Dustin Kate smiled coldly: “For military exploits, Dustin and Thorian Rhys combined , are not as good as me. I only proposed a martial arts fight out of consideration for fairness, and use strength to decide everything.”


Princess Elara was about to speak, but was interrupted by Rufus Rhys: “Okay, I promise you, I will compete according to the rules of the army. Whoever wins will be the future King of West Lucozia.”

“It’s a deal!”

Dustin Kate’s eyes lit up and he was ecstatic.

No one knew that his strength had already reached the Grand Master level a few years ago.

Now, even if he faces Albert, he is 60% sure that he can win.

As for Thorian Rhys and the long-lost Dustin, they probably couldn’t stop him.

This competition seemed fair, but in fact he already had a chance to win.

”Rufus Rhys, Rufus Rhys, you are so smart. You are confused for a moment. If your son loses later, I will see how you end up!” Dustin Kate sneered in his heart.

He was not worried that Rufus Rhys would regret it. In front of so many Black Dragon Army soldiers, if the other party dared to regret it, their majesty would be lost.

And he can also take this opportunity to win over people’s hearts and establish his prestige.

”Thorian, how are you? Do you want to go up and try?” Rufus Rhys suddenly looked at Thorian Rhys.

”How is Dustin Kate’s strength compared to Nangong Po?” Thorian Rhys asked rhetorically.

”Nangong Po’s martial arts is good, but compared to your third uncle, he is still far behind. Otherwise, how would your third uncle be able to control him?” Rufus Rhys smiled lightly.

”Since Dustin Kate is more powerful than Nangong Po, then I’ll forget it.” Thorian Rhys shook his head.

He couldn’t even defeat Nangong Po, so how could he fight Dustin Kate?


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