Chapter 1852

Chapter 1852

”The princess is right. Even though His Royal Highness is powerful, he is still too young after all. Facing an old fox like Dustin Kate, the chance of winning is not high.” Cornelius Ao said thoughtfully.

Dustin is a genius, but Dustin Kate is not an ordinary person. After practicing for more than twenty years, the gap is very terrifying.

So it is still unclear who will win in the end.

”I have a different opinion.” Wen Shun spoke again.

”Marquis Wen, do you think His Royal Highness has a higher chance of winning?” Zhou Bo asked tentatively.


Wen Shun nodded: “Your Majesty is well strategized and resourceful. If you can agree to this competition, you are confident enough to win. We should trust your Majesty’s judgment.”

"Having said that, there are too many changes in the duel with force. Especially for experts of the same level, even the smallest mistake can turn the tide of the battle. Until the last moment, no one can judge the outcome, not even the prince." Cornelius Ao said.

”I say this not only because of the prince, but also because of a more important point.” Wen Shun said.

”Oh? Which point?” Cornelius Ao raised his eyebrows.

”Have you ever heard of the World Shattering List?” Wen Shun suddenly asked.

”Never heard of it.” Cornelius Ao shook his head.

He was very experienced in marching and fighting, but he didn’t know much about things in the arena.

”I know this.”

Zhou Bo suddenly interrupted: “The World Shattering List is the most valuable list in the world. Anyone who can be on the list is the top martial arts expert. I remember, the World Shattering List is the most valuable list in the world. The top three are Cornelius Xuanji of Longhu Mountain, Li Yuanwu, the master of Longge Pavilion, and Bai Ye, the West Lucozia Sword Immortal.”

"What? Bai Ye, the Sword Immortal of West Lucozia, can only be ranked third?"

Cornelius Ao’s eyes widened, and he was very surprised. .

In his eyes, Sword Immortal Bai Ye is not only the most powerful warrior in West Lucozia, but also the strongest in the world.

With shocking swordsmanship, he is invincible and unstoppable.

So far, no one has been able to pass the three swords in Bai Ye’s hands.

Such an almost god-like existence can only rank third on the shocking list, which is really shocking.

”Although I dare not say that the World Shattering List contains all the powerful people in the world, the top batch are basically included in it. It is no exaggeration to say that the top ten warriors in the World Shattering List are the ten strongest people in the world. !” Wen Ming said in a sonorous tone.

”Sword Immortal Bai can only rank third. The gold content of this world-shaking list is indeed frighteningly high, but why do you bring this up so politely? Does it have anything to do with us?” Cornelius Ao was a little surprised.

”I forgot to tell you, the current shocking list has been updated, and our Crown Prince happens to be ranked tenth!” Wen Wen said in a surprising tone.

”What? His Royal Highness is actually a powerful person on the shocking list? Is it true?” Cornelius Ao’s eyes widened.

”Marquis Wen, are you kidding me? His Royal Highness is actually on the list?” Zhou Bo couldn’t believe it.

Cornelius Ao may not know the value of the World Shattering List, but he knows very well that it is the list that all warriors dream of, and it is the lifelong pursuit of countless people.

If the ranking on the world-shattering list is correct, doesn’t it mean that His Royal Highness is the tenth most powerful person in the world?

Isn’t this too evil? !

”The world-shaking list has only been updated recently, so not many people know about it, but His Royal Highness is indeed on the list.” Wen Shun said seriously.

”If that’s the case, that would be great. I didn’t expect that His Highness the Crown Prince would grow to such an extent after not seeing him for ten years. It’s really terrifying!” Zhou Bo was surprised and happy.

He is now a member of the royal family. The stronger Dustin is, the higher his chance of winning.

If he defeats Dustin Kate and becomes the new king, he will also gain a lot of benefits.

”Wait a minute! Your Highness is on the world-shattering list. Is Dustin Kate on the list?” Cornelius Ao suddenly asked.


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