Chapter 1856

 Dustin Kate was still struggling to hold on. The protective shield on his body became bright and dark, and cracks began to spread rapidly.

And above his head, the black giant sword was trembling slightly, still pressing down.

Dustin Kate felt as if a mountain was pressing down on him. The heavy force made his hands tremble and his knees bent.

But he had to grit his teeth and persist.

Because once the giant sword above his head is cut down, he will definitely die on the spot.

It wasn’t until this moment that he realized Dustin’s strength.

It turned out that the opponent didn’t use all his strength from the beginning, but now that he really used his strength, he was a little unable to resist.


Dustin Kate, feeling the threat of death, let out a harsh roar.

The true energy in his body spurted out like a wave, constantly reinforcing the protective shield.

However, no matter how he tried to make up for it, the cracks on the protective shield became more and more numerous.

”Damn it! Fight!”

Seeing that he couldn’t resist, Dustin Kate roared and directly used the Rhys Family’s secret method.

His eyes suddenly turned red, and his body muscles instantly swelled.

Waves of surging energy spurted out from his limbs.

The Rhys Family’s secret method can activate the human body’s potential in a short period of time, achieving the effect of increasing strength and even breaking through realms.

It is a magical skill to save one’s life and kill the enemy at a critical moment of life and death.

However, such a magical skill has a fatal flaw, that is, after the time limit expires, the body will become extremely weak.

In other words, if a person uses secret techniques, he cannot defeat the enemy within a limited time. Then there is only a dead end!

Dustin Kate never thought that he would be forced to this point.

But now, he has no choice.

In order to save life, the secret method must be activated.


”Break it!!”

Dustin Kate suddenly roared, and a golden energy wave burst out from his chest.

In an instant, the sky and earth changed color and the space vibrated.

The black giant sword hanging above his head was finally bounced away, turning into dots of black light and disappearing.

Dustin, who merged with the human sword, also recovered his true form and floated down from the sky.

The sky sword in his hand emits light erratically, and he can strike again at any time.


Although he barely managed to repulse Dustin’s offensive, Dustin Kate was exhausted and panting heavily.

His whole face turned pale, he was sweating profusely, and even his legs began to swing uncontrollably.

The sword strike just now was too terrifying.

If it hadn’t been for the use of the Rhys Family’s secret method to force a breakthrough, resulting in a huge increase in strength, it might not have been possible to withstand it.

”Dustin! Is this your strongest move? It seems like it’s just that!”

Dustin Kate gasped and taunted him.

”The strongest move?”

Dustin shook his head and smiled: “Third uncle, you must have misunderstood. I was just warming up. The more powerful move is yet to come.”

"What? Warming up?!"

Dustin Kate’s face changed after hearing this. Stiff, eyelids twitching.

The sword strike just now almost killed him.

Is this just a warm-up? Are you kidding me?

”Dustin! I’m not scared! If you have any real skills, just use them!” Dustin Kate shouted bravely.

He didn’t believe that the other party was so strong, he must be pretending on purpose.

”Okay, since Uncle San is so interested, then I’ll start getting serious.”


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