Chapter 1859

Chapter 1859

”Isn’t this guy Dustin Kate lying?”

Everyone looked at each other in confusion.

Even Rufus Rhys couldn’t help showing a surprised expression.

Song Zun is also a legendary figure in the Black Dragon Army.

Once upon a time, the two of them were like brothers, killing enemies together, defending their home and country, and making achievements together.

Until ten years ago, after the Forbidden City incident, Song Zun disappeared.

Someone found Song Zun’s burnt body and the token on his body in the fire scene.

Later, he also built a tomb for Song Zun in the cemetery.

Unexpectedly, after many years, I heard this familiar name again. The most important thing is that the other person is still alive.

what happened?

”What? Are you surprised?”

Dustin Kate grinned: “When I first met Song Zun, I was just as surprised as you. I didn’t expect that a person who had been dead for ten years would actually stand in front of me alive, so , with a curious attitude, I had a good chat with him, and guess what happened?”

At this point, Dustin Kate glanced around, and then said after losing his appetite: “Song Zun in ten years will no longer be called Song Zun, he changed his name to Ji Yuanzun, and suddenly became the new Pavilion Master of the Dragon Protection Pavilion.”

"What? Song Zun is actually the Pavilion Master of the Dragon Protection Pavilion?!"

Hearing this, everyone was shocked again.

Although there was no obvious evidence for the changes in the Forbidden City that year, many clues pointed to the mysterious organization hidden behind the imperial power, the Dragon Protection Pavilion.

Because the Dragon Protection Pavilion was too large and its power spread all over the world, even the West Lucozia King Rufus Rhys, who was at the height of his power at that time, did not dare to openly fight and could only choose to endure.

No one expected that the former general of the Black Dragon Army would actually become the master of the Dragon Protection Pavilion.

This change of identity is really amazing.

”Continue.” Dustin said expressionlessly.

He already knew all the news about Song Zun.

He needs to know more now.

”Song Zun…oh no, after Ji Yuanzun found me, he wanted to negotiate a deal with me.”

"He said that as long as I form an alliance with him, we can share the world and become the co-owner of the world." "

I Naturally, I didn’t believe it at first, and even thought there was something wrong with his brain. But in order to convince me, he vowed to support me in ascending to the throne of West Lucozia King.”

"Having been a general for so many years, to be honest, I am really I want to go one step further and have a taste of being a prince."

”So I asked Ji Yuanzun how to support me in ascending to the throne?” “

The plan given by Ji Yuanzun was to assassinate the King of West Lucozia, so that I could rise up and take the opportunity to seize the throne.

"I was very hesitant at first. Firstly, I didn't believe what he said, and secondly, I couldn't make the move. So I didn't agree directly."
"In the end, this lunatic said that he had already planned it, so he just asked me to prepare it."
"I Of course I don't believe he has this ability. After all, there are countless people who want to assassinate the King of West Lucozia every year, but no one has ever succeeded." "However, I never expected in my dreams that within three days, Ji Yuanzun actually did it. We did it!"

”When I heard the news that the King of West Lucozia was assassinated, I had mixed feelings in my heart. On the one hand, it was the sadness of brotherly love, and on the other hand, it was the desire for power and status.”

"I know that as long as I cooperate with Ji Yuanzun, let alone the King of West Lucozia, even the co-owner of the world will have a great chance."
"So, I finally couldn't resist the temptation and chose to form an alliance and make Such a stupid thing happened."

At this point, Dustin Kate sighed, looking regretful.

Of course, what he regretted was not that he rebelled, but that Rufus Rhys had not died.

Otherwise, he would be on top now.


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