Chapter 1860

Chapter 1860

After Dustin Kate finished speaking, Dustin finally said: “Uncle Third, we already know your experience. You were bewitched by others to do such stupid things, but I want to know more now. , where is Ji Yuanzun? Where are the remnants of the Dragon Guard Pavilion hiding?”

After saying so much, it was all nonsense without a single key point.

”To be honest, although I have cooperated with Ji Yuanzun, I don’t know his whereabouts.” Dustin Kate shook his head.

”Don’t know?” Dustin frowned slightly.

After struggling for a long time, doesn’t it mean that I didn’t say anything?

”Don’t worry, although I don’t know Ji Yuanzun’s whereabouts, I can contact him.”

Dustin Kate suddenly changed the subject: “I made an agreement with Ji Yuanzun that after the matter is completed, we will meet somewhere to discuss the matter together. “Yes.”

”Oh? Really? Where is the meeting place for you?” Dustin’s eyes narrowed.

”Are you sure you want me to say it now?” Dustin Kate glanced around and meant something.

”Come here, help Third Uncle into the palace!”

Dustin shouted, and immediately summoned several guards to carry the seriously injured Dustin Kate into the palace.

”Albert, you are responsible for dealing with these people outside. Remember, don’t hurt their life.” After Rufus Rhys warned, he also walked into the palace.

”According to the instructions of the prince, the officers and men of the Black Dragon Army must immediately return to the fortress to guard it!” Albert said loudly.

”Yes!” All the officers and soldiers of the Black Dragon Army responded in unison.

At this moment, without any hesitation, they immediately organized their team and dispersed.

The reason why they followed Dustin Kate this time was because of the Marshal’s Talisman.

Now that the prince is not dead, naturally the prince’s orders will take priority.


At this moment, Albert’s eyes suddenly focused on Nangong Po, who was about to run away: “Nangong Po, who told you to leave?”

”Didn’t the prince say that bygones are bygones?” Nangong Po swallowed.

”Although the prince spares your lives, it does not mean that you can escape safely.”

Albert said coldly: “The crime of rebellion is enough to punish the nine tribes. The prince is compassionate and does not want to commit murder again, but you will be exempted from the crime of death and the crime of living. Can’t escape!”

”You…what do you mean by that? I was just following orders and didn’t do anything. If you want to blame, blame Dustin Kate. He ordered me to do this!” Nangong Po tried to excuse himself.

”It is up to the prince to decide the guilt of the general. As for you people, you will spend a few days in jail first.”

Albert waved his hand: “Come here! Arrest all these traitors and interrogate them carefully to see if there are any others who are the same.” Party!”


A group of Dragon Guards immediately rushed forward and surrounded Nangong Po and his party.

These are all Dustin Kate’s trusted generals, and they are very loyal to Dustin Kate. If they are not handled properly, they may cause more trouble.

”Albert! You don’t want to avenge yourself! Your Majesty just said that you are not allowed to hurt us!” Nangong Pose shouted with anguish.

”That’s right! We are willing to surrender, and the prince also promised not to pursue any further charges. Don’t mess around!” The expressions of Harmon Liang Gaodollar and his party changed drastically, as if they were seeing snakes and scorpions.

Who knows the name of Albert in West Lucozia?

Although he no longer fights on the battlefield, Albert is in charge of West Lucozia’s punishment and specializes in interrogating some serious criminals.

The cruelty of its methods and the bloody process were simply terrifying.

Those who fall into Albert’s hands basically have no good end, and even death becomes a luxury. They are truly unable to live without dying.

So when they heard that Albert was going to be taken to jail, everyone panicked.


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