Chapter 1869

Chapter 1869

”Fake death to deceive people? Is there such a thing?” Ji Yuanzun raised his eyebrows.

”If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.”

Dustin Kate shook his head and sighed: “In the final analysis, after all, we were just one move away from the game, and Rufus Rhys came up with a trick to trick us, and we were fooled around. Now, all my subordinates have been captured, it is impossible to overturn the situation, so I came here specifically to ask for help from Mr. Ji.”

"Wait, let me figure it out."  

Ji Yuanzun said thoughtfully: “You mean, our plan failed, Rufus Rhys is not dead, and all the soldiers and horses you summoned have been captured, and now there is no way out.”

“Yes, that’s roughly the case.” Dustin Kate nodded.

”General Dustin, I’m a little curious. If the plan fails and all your troops are wiped out, how did you escape?” Ji Yuanzun asked.

”To be honest, I deceived them once by pretending to surrender, and then took the opportunity to escape.” Dustin Kate said.

”Fake surrender? What do you mean?” Ji Yuanzun was a little curious.

”I hope Lord Ji won’t mind if I tell you.”

Dustin Kate organized his words, and then said: “Actually, I used you as bait to pretend to surrender to Rufus Rhys and the others, and lied to them that I could help them catch you, Lord Ji. , they were eager to catch the culprit, so they released me and asked me to lure you out.”

”Oh? Really?”

Ji Yuanzun smiled faintly: “So, your meeting with me was a trap? Was it set up by Rufus Rhys? “

That was the case at the beginning, but I feel that the situation in West Lucozia Prince’s Palace is over, and taking refuge in Dragon Protection Pavilion is the right way, so I have been using tricks to fool them, and I have never leaked any important information.” Dustin Kate promised.

”So that’s it.”

Ji Yuanzun nodded, and then said: “However, Rufus Rhys is as cunning as a fox. Will he really trust you completely?”

”Of course he didn’t believe it, so he poisoned my body in advance as a threat. If I didn’t do as he was told, I might not live for three days.” Dustin Kate said with a long sigh.


Ji Yuanzun reached out his hand and said, “General Dustin, I am quite accomplished in medical skills. Can you let me have a look?” “


Dustin Kate did not hesitate and put his hand on the table. superior.

Ji Yuanzun used his fingers to detect Dustin Kate’s pulse. After a few seconds, he nodded: “There is indeed something weird in your body. It must have been poisoned by someone, and the person who poisoned it has profound skills and is definitely not an ordinary person.” It can be detoxified.”


Dustin Kate’s eyelids twitched: “Master Ji, I wonder if you have any way to detoxify it?”

If Ji Yuanzun can really detoxify him, then he has no worries.

”Ordinary poisons are of course not a problem, but this poison is not the type I am good at. Even if I forcefully use my cultivation to fight it, the success rate is only about 30%.” Ji Yuanzun said truthfully.

”Then what should I do? Is it possible that I am dead?” Dustin Kate cried sadly.

”General Dustin, don’t be nervous. Since we are allies, I will definitely find a way to cure you.”

Ji Yuanzun smiled and said: “Looking at the poison of witchcraft and mystical order, in the whole world, the witchcraft and mystical order is the best at it. I You can send someone to contact the mystical order and spend a lot of money to hire a master to treat you.”

”Great! Then I’ll trouble Mr. Ji!”

Dustin Kate looked happy and quickly saluted with his fists clasped.

”General Dustin, you’re welcome. You and I are old acquaintances, and now we’re on the same boat. How could I not save you in the face of death?”

Ji Yuanzun gestured towards Lorenzo and ordered: “Elder Lorenzo, Send a capable person to visit the mystical order. No matter what the cost, you must bring back the master of detoxification!” “


Lorenzo responded and quickly turned around and went out.

”General Dustin, please rest here peacefully. I will definitely cure your poison within three days.” Ji Yuanzun promised.

”Thank you, Master Ji.” Dustin Kate smiled happily.



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