Chapter 1871

Chapter 1871

”Mr. Ji, spies are spies, but I really don’t know about this matter.”

Dustin Kate vowed: “I have told you everything that happened in the past two days. If I have any idea, Conceal it, the sky will strike like lightning!”

”Hahaha… General Dustin, don’t be nervous, I was just joking with you.”

Ji Yuanzun patted Dustin Kate on the shoulder and said with a smile: “For you, General Dustin, Of course I can trust you. These two spies are probably Rufus Rhys’s back-ups. They were afraid that you would escape before the battle, so they followed you secretly.” “Rufus Rhys is cunning. He can do anything. It’s normal to have back-ups. Fortunately, Mr. Ji has arranged everything carefully. The spies were discovered in time and the base was prevented from being exposed.” Dustin Kate said somewhat thankfully.

”We don’t know how much information the spies have investigated yet, but there is a high probability that the location of the base has been known to the Prince of West Lucozia.” Ji Yuanzun said calmly.

”Got it? What should we do? Do we need to retreat in time?” Dustin Kate raised an eyebrow.


Ji Yuanzun smiled and said, “Don’t be so panicked. Although the Prince of West Lucozia knows the location of our base, he doesn’t know how many soldiers and horses there are in our base and how strong its firepower is.

General Dustin, to be honest, with the defensive capabilities of our base, even the strongest Black Dragon Army in West Lucozia will need more than 100,000 troops to have a chance to attack it. The problem is, more than 100,000 Black Dragons must be

mobilized Army, it is impossible to hide it from my eyes and ears.

In fact, the current situation puts Rufus Rhys in a dilemma.

He does not know the situation inside our base, so he dare not send troops easily.

If there are not enough troops, attacking my base will only I surrendered myself into a trap and lost my manpower in vain.

If there is a large-scale troop deployment, I will know it quickly and retreat in time.

In other words, Rufus Rhys can’t do anything to me. Whether to fight or withdraw depends entirely on my decision.

If I can defeat him, I will fight. If I cannot defeat him, I will run away. It is just a base. If I take some time, I can build it again soon.

General Dustin, what do you think Rufus Rhys should choose? “

At the end of the sentence, Ji Yuanzun threw the question to Dustin Kate.


Dustin Kate shook his head helplessly: “Master Ji, this place occupies a natural and dangerous location, where you can advance, retreat, and attack. If I were Rufus Rhys, I would probably have a huge headache.

”So, there is no need to worry at all. You can live here with peace of mind. After the poison is detoxified, we can secretly recruit troops. With your influence in West Lucozia, General Dustin, I believe there will be many people supporting you. ” “Ji Yuanzun said with a smile.

”That’s what I say, but if Rufus Rhys doesn’t die, I won’t be able to get ahead. “Dustin Kate sighed softly.

”General Dustin, don’t worry, Rufus Rhys won’t last long. “

Ji Yuanzun, the old god, said: “Although he escaped by feigning death this time, his body functions have long been overstretched. In layman’s terms, he is in decline. However, in recent years, his family has been strong. It was all thanks to the miracle medicine that he survived for such a long time.

Now those miraculous medicines have lost their effect, and Rufus Rhys’s body is getting weaker and weaker.

If you are lucky, you may live for more than half a year. If you are not lucky, you may live for only ten days and a half.

Therefore, it won’t be long before we can rise up again.

By then, General Dustin, you will still be the all-powerful King of West Lucozia, and the entire world will be under our control!

Hearing this, Dustin Kate couldn’t help but look overjoyed: “Great! ” As long as Rufus Rhys dies, I will have a chance to make a comeback and take back everything I lost!

”Yes, then I wish us a happy cooperation.”

"Ji Yuanzun reached out his hand." Happy cooperation! "Dustin Kate felt refreshed."  

”Come here! Serve the wine! Brother Dustin and I won’t come home until we get drunk tonight!”


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