Chapter 1875

Chapter 1875

  ”Thorian, it seems that you have learned a lot in the past few years in the army.”

Dustin smiled and said: “You are right, you cannot attack rashly, at least you must find out first The situation is that there are many masters in the Dragon Protection Pavilion, and the royal palace spies can no longer go deeper, so I decided to go there myself.”

“Brother, isn’t it too risky?”

Thorian Rhys was a little worried: “You are the future Prince of West Lucozia, you have to focus on the overall situation and cannot go into danger alone. Let me go. I am a martial arts master after all. If I encounter danger, I can escape in time.”


Dustin refused: “Although your strength is not bad, you are still unable to face the top masters of the Dragon Protection Pavilion. If Ji Yuanzun discovers you, you won’t even have a chance to escape.”


Thorian was still prepared. He said something, but was interrupted by Dustin raising his hand: “It’s nothing, I have full command of this operation. I order you to stay here and wait for my news.” After Dustin finished speaking, he took the Grade A spies with him. , and soon went out the door.

Although Thorian Rhys was worried, there was nothing he could do.

He knew in his heart that only his eldest brother could sneak into the Dragon Protection Pavilion base.

Now he only hopes that his eldest brother can progress smoothly.

Under the leadership of the spies, Dustin traveled quickly, over mountains and ridges, and soon approached the base of Dragon Protection Pavilion.

As Thorian Rhys said, there is a tall city wall standing in front of the base.

The city wall lies across the entrance of the valley, like an insurmountable chasm.

Dustin checked carefully and found that there were many secret sentries from the Dragon Protection Pavilion lurking around.

If it were an ordinary expert, he would have been discovered before he even got close to the city wall.

”You hide first, don’t alert others, I’ll go there alone.”

Dustin whispered to the spies, then took a few steps and turned into an undetectable black shadow, jumping to the top of the tree.

There are lush trees and green grass all around. Although it can be well hidden, it can also easily block the view.

Although there are many hidden sentries in the Dragon Protection Pavilion, Dustin can easily dodge them with his level of cultivation.

Tonight, the moon was dark and the wind was high. Dustin’s figure was silent, like a ghost, passing over the tops of the big trees.

Its speed is so fast that it almost disappears in the blink of an eye.

Not to mention at night, even in broad daylight, it is difficult to detect.

At this moment, it was two hundred meters away from the city wall.

A spy from the Dragon Protection Pavilion wearing night clothes was quietly lying on the stone, observing the surrounding situation.

Its body is completely integrated with the surrounding environment. As long as it doesn’t move, you may not be able to spot it even if you look closely.


At this time, the Dragon Guard Pavilion detective felt a cold wind blowing above his head.

Subconsciously he looked up, but there was nothing. The sky was so quiet that he couldn’t even see a single bird.

”No. 3, have you noticed anything unusual?”

The Dragon Guard Pavilion detective put his finger on the headset and asked in a low voice.

A hundred meters away from him, there was also a spy hidden.

The two sides are in a corner-by-corner situation, and can take care of each other, watch each other, and monitor the scope, with almost no blind spots.

”It’s calm, nothing unusual.” came the response from the headset.

”It’s probably because I’ve been worrying too much, so I’ll continue to be on guard.” The Dragon Guard Pavilion spy didn’t say much, and his eyes began to scan around again, not missing any signs of trouble.

Little did he know that Dustin had already passed over his head.

After Dustin avoided all eyes and ears, he went directly along the mountain wall, crossed the city wall, and then entered the secret base of Dragon Protection Pavilion.

Dustin couldn’t help but be secretly surprised when he saw the scale of the base.

He didn’t expect that there was such a large military base hidden in this desolate place, with all the facilities inside.

Tanks, planes, artillery, all kinds of light and heavy weapons, everything.

And judging from the military camp buildings, there are at least 50,000 soldiers and horses in this base.

With so many heavy weapons and a large number of elite soldiers, this base can be described as impregnable.

If they attack rashly, the Prince of West Lucozia will definitely suffer heavy losses.

”Fortunately, he went there himself, otherwise he would have suffered a big loss.”

Dustin frowned slightly. Who would have thought that such a powerful force could be hidden in this wilderness?

No wonder Dragon Guard Pavilion dared to carry out assassination so blatantly. It turned out that he was confident.

Living in such a war fortress, there is no fear of invasion by foreign enemies.

The most important thing is that this place can be attacked when advancing and defended when retreating.

If anything happens, Ji Yuanzun can immediately flee abroad to avoid the disaster.

”With the defense of this base, there is no way for the Black Dragon Army to attack without more than 100,000 people. But the problem is that if the Black Dragon Army is to be mobilized on a large scale, it will definitely not be able to hide it from the eyes and ears of the Dragon Protection Pavilion. Once the enemy is alerted, all previous efforts will be wasted. Now is the time What should we do?”

Dustin frowned slightly, thoughtfully.

It would be too difficult to attack by force, and the price would be high.

There is only one way to defeat the Dragon Guard Pavilion at the minimum cost and as quickly as possible – beheading!

Directly kill the senior officials of the Dragon Protection Pavilion headed by Ji Yuanzun, leaving the entire Dragon Protection Pavilion without a leader, and then kill them all in one fell swoop.

However, the beheading operation has a big drawback, that is, it requires a powerful assassination team, and everyone in it must be a martial arts master.

Otherwise, it will be difficult to implement.

Of course, the most critical point is Ji Yuanzun.

As the fifth strongest man on the world-shaking list, there is no doubt about his strength.

If Ji Yuanzun cannot be killed first, he is doomed to fail.

After all, it now depends on whether Dustin Kate can successfully poison him?

”That’s right! Dustin Kate!”

Dustin raised his eyebrows and immediately began to search around the base.

The signal on Dustin Kate’s body has been lost, so there is a high probability that he should be hiding in this base.

He needs to test it out to see if Dustin Kate will act as planned?

In other words, did the other party betray the Prince of West Lucozia?

In the dark night, Dustin’s figure was like a ghost, erratic.

It didn’t cause any disturbance wherever it passed, and it perfectly avoided the patrol team and all the eyes and ears around it.


Just as Dustin was passing by an arsenal, a soldier seemed to notice it, suddenly became alert, and at the same time pulled out the knife from his waist.


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