Chapter 1876

Chapter 1876

”What’s going on? What’s all the fuss about?”

Another companion of the soldier had a look of astonishment on his face and was completely confused.

”I thought I heard something moving just now. Maybe someone was lurking in!”

The soldier shot around vigilantly, looking for clues in the darkness.

”Did you hear it wrong, buddy? Our base is heavily guarded, with many checkpoints and countless hidden posts. Who can sneak in? Don’t be ridiculous.” The soldier’s companion didn’t care.

Outside the city walls, the defenses are tight, and inside the city walls, there are also round-the-clock patrols.

Not even a fly can fly in, let alone a human being.

Besides, in this wilderness, no one can find this place except the staff of Dragon Protection Pavilion.

”Be careful with the Wannian ship. I’ll go take a look around. Please be alert.”

The soldier did not relax and began to circle the arsenal and inspect it carefully.

But after searching inside and outside, he couldn’t find any clues.

”Strange, did I hear it wrong?” the soldier muttered to himself.

After checking again to no avail, he returned to his post.

And all his movements were visible to Dustin who was standing on the roof.

”Sure enough, Dragon Guard Pavilion is as skilled as a cloud. A small soldier has such a keen perception. It seems that we have to be careful.”

Dustin’s figure flashed and disappeared from the roof.

The whole person turned into a breeze and began to flutter everywhere.


As he approached somewhere, the insect mother carried by Dustin suddenly jumped a few times, as if it sensed something.

He had added some ingredients to Narco Pill before, and this ingredient was the eggs of the insect mother.

After the insect eggs enter the human body, they will hatch soon, settle in an invisible place, and finally form a connection with the mother insect.

To put it in layman’s terms, it’s a combination of child and mother.

If Dustin has murderous intentions, then he only needs to crush the insect mother, and the thousands of fiery beetle in Dustin Kate’s body will go crazy and eat his internal organs.

In addition, there is a special connection between the insect mother and the fiery beetle.

Once they get within 500 meters, the two parties will establish contact.

And just now, the insect mother on Dustin’s body was beating because it sensed the existence of the fiery beetle.

”So he is here…”

Under the induction of the insect mother, Dustin quickly determined the direction and finally came to a luxurious residence.

Although it is a military base, it also has corresponding living areas and entertainment venues.

The place where Dustin Kate lives is considered a single-family villa, the kind with a yard.

Generally, only the upper echelons of Dragon Protection Pavilion have this benefit.

At this moment, in the living room of the villa.

Dustin Kate was half lying on the sofa, enjoying a foot massage from a beautiful attendant, with a very intoxicated expression.

On the table next to it, there is a plate of cut fruit and exquisite snacks.

”General Dustin, how is your strength?” the beautiful attendant asked thoughtfully.

”Well, very good.” Dustin Kate smiled with satisfaction.

”Actually, I am not only good at foot massage, but also good at other services.” The beautiful attendant blinked ambiguously, with a strong hint.

”Oh, is it so?”


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