Chapter 1877


Chapter 1877

Dustin Kate slowly opened his eyes. Just when he was about to say something, the corner of his eye suddenly glanced out the window.

There was a person standing there.

It was Dustin!


Dustin Kate was startled, and his whole body was trembling.

He never dreamed that Dustin would be able to find him in the secret base of Dragon Protection Pavilion.

”General Dustin, what’s wrong? Did I use too much force?” The beautiful attendant was a little frightened.

”It’s nothing. I’m a little tired and want to rest. Please step back first.”

Dustin Kate quickly calmed down and then waved his hand to signal the beautiful attendant to leave.


The beautiful attendant did not dare to refuse and immediately resigned.

After the others left, Dustin ducked into the room and sat across from Dustin Kate.

”Logan, why are you here?” Dustin Kate looked surprised.

”Third Uncle, you have never been found. Naturally, I was very worried, so I searched everywhere and finally found this place.”

Dustin smiled faintly: “But now it seems that, Third Uncle, you are not only fine, but you are living a very comfortable life, and you have people taking care of you.” “

It’s all Ji Yuanzun’s arrangement. He probably wants to use Wenwen Township to keep me here.”

Dustin Kate said calmly: “But your third uncle, I have experienced hundreds of battles and have seen this kind of method many times.” , naturally I won’t take it seriously. I’m just cooperating with them in the show.”


Dustin’s expression was somewhat meaningful: “It seems that Uncle Hector has already met Ji Yuanzun, so the poisoning matter will be carried out. How are you doing?”

”Logan, poison is poison, but I can’t risk my life in vain, right?”

Dustin Kate said helplessly: “Look at the defense of this base and the masters ambushing around. Even if I am lucky enough to assassinate Ji Yuanzun, I will only die in the end.”

”So Third Uncle, do you have any other plans?” Dustin asked tentatively.

What the other party said does make some sense.

With the defense of this base, even if he was surrounded, it would be very difficult to escape.

”I can’t tell you the plan, but tomorrow, we will have a good opportunity to make a move.”

Dustin Kate lowered his voice and said, “I have already heard that Ji Yuanzun will leave the base tomorrow and go to the royal city, and he will take me with him. When the time comes, I will notify you in advance, and you will ambush him halfway and catch him off guard!” “

It does sound like an opportunity.” Dustin nodded thoughtfully.

”Just in case, bring more people with you tomorrow. Don’t let Ji Yuanzun escape.” Dustin Kate warned.

”I will arrange this myself, but whether it can happen or not depends mainly on you, third uncle.”

Dustin said seriously: “Ji Yuanzun is too strong. If he wants to escape, no one will be able to keep him. Of course , if he is poisoned by the God-Destroying Poison, it will be a different matter.”

”Don’t worry, as long as you ambush in place, I will seize the opportunity and give Ji Yuanzun a fatal blow!” Dustin Kate vowed.

”Okay! Then I will wait for the good news from Uncle Hector tomorrow. Whether I can destroy the remnants of the Dragon Guard Pavilion depends on this time!” Dustin said seriously.

”You should go back first. There are many dangers here. It is not advisable to stay for a long time. If you are discovered, not even I can save you.” Dustin Kate said.

”Thank you, Third Uncle. After the work is done, I will give Third Uncle a Narco Pill.”

Dustin smiled meaningfully, and then walked away.

The last sentence also contains a bit of warning.

He didn’t completely trust Dustin Kate. If he didn’t have something to rely on, there was no guarantee that the other party would rebel.

Now that there is a chain poison between children and mothers, if Dustin Kate really has evil intentions, he will die miserably.


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