Chapter 1878

Chapter 1878

After Dustin had a conversation with Dustin Kate, he immediately left the secret base of Dragon Protection Pavilion.

This place is really not suitable for staying for a long time. If it were not to confirm the news, he would not put himself in danger.

Fortunately, it was calm when he came in, and he didn’t disturb anyone when he went out.

However, not long after Dustin left.

Dustin Kate picked up the landline phone on the table and dialed the number in the command room.

five minutes later.

Ji Yuanzun walked into the villa with several personal guards.

”General Dustin, I heard that you came to me in an emergency?” Ji Yuanzun was the first to speak.

”Lord Ji, a person from West Lucozia Prince’s Palace just lurked in your base.” Dustin Kate got straight to the point.

”Oh? Really?”

Ji Yuanzun was a little surprised, looked around and said, “General Dustin, are you sure?” “

Of course, he was standing in front of me just now.” Dustin Kate looked serious.

”Who is this person? What’s the point of coming to see General Lu?” Ji Yuanzun asked.

”This man is none other than the eldest son of Prince of West Lucozia, Dustin!”

Dustin Kate said without any secret: “The reason why he lurked in was to let me cooperate with him to deal with you, Lord Ji.”


Ji Yuanzun nodded. : “If it’s him, it’s normal that our people didn’t notice him.”

As the tenth master on the Astounding Ranking, it would be really difficult to find him if he wanted to hide his traces.

Even he has to be within a hundred meters to be able to sense it.

”Master Ji, Dustin doesn’t know that I have joined the Dragon Guard Pavilion, so he just discussed the plan with me.”

Dustin Kate smiled evilly and said: “I lied to him and told him that you would leave the base tomorrow and go to West Lucozia King’s City, and asked him to lead an ambush halfway. Unexpectedly, this guy actually believed it and said that he would cooperate with me inside and outside to ambush Ji. Your Excellency.”

”It seems that I have become a thorn in the side of West Lucozia Prince’s Palace. They can’t wait to get rid of me.” Ji Yuanzun sneered.

”Master Ji, taking advantage of this opportunity, we can definitely use the trick to kill Dustin directly!”

Dustin Kate said surreptitiously: “Now Rufus Rhys is on the verge of death and will not live long. In the future, the position of King of West Lucozia will definitely fall to him. On top of Dustin, if we kill Dustin, there will be no successor to the throne. Then it will be much easier for us to control West Lucozia.”

“That makes sense!” Ji Yuanzun’s eyes lit up: “Dustin is extremely talented. He has endless potential and is a huge threat in the future. If it can be eradicated, it will be equivalent to killing a serious problem!” “That’s how I think about it.” Dustin Kate smiled.

”General Dustin, yes, you have made a great contribution this time.”

Ji Yuanzun smiled and nodded: “To be honest, I had doubts about you before. Until just now, you showed me your loyalty, so I It has been decided to officially appoint you as the elder of the Dragon Protection Pavilion. From now on, you will enjoy the highest level of benefits of the Dragon Protection Pavilion!” “

Thank you, Lord Ji… Oh no, thank you, Lord Pavilion Master!” Dustin Kate looked happy.

”Elder Dustin, you have full authority to direct tomorrow’s actions. You can dispatch everyone around me at will. I only have one request: kill Dustin at all costs!” Ji Yuanzun’s eyes flashed fiercely.

”Don’t worry, Pavilion Master, I promise to complete the mission!” Dustin Kate said swornly.

”Okay! Tomorrow I will make Rufus Rhys the winner!” Ji Yuanzun laughed.

When he was in Stonia before, he activated Lorenzo’s chess piece and prepared to assassinate Dustin.

He never thought that the other party would be saved by someone.

Now that he meets him again, nothing can be done to make him escape.

The next day, early morning.

On the edge of the Black Gorge Mountains, on a rarely visited mountain road.

Dustin and Thorian Rhys led a group of experts to ambush in the rocks on both sides of the mountain road.

This is a narrow and dangerous area, with mountain peaks on both sides. In the middle of the mountain peak is a mountain road, and on both sides of the mountain road are piles of rocks.

It is perfect for an ambush.

”Brother, are Dustin Kate’s words reliable? Ji Yuanzun will really take this path?”

Thorian Rhys looked around, a little suspicious.

This mountain road is overgrown with weeds, and you can tell at a glance that few people pass by.

”Dustin Kate has been poisoned by me. If he cherishes his life, he will not dare to betray us. Otherwise, he will only die before us.” Dustin said.

”I always feel that this person is not reliable.” Thorian Rhys still had some doubts.

”Don’t worry, I have placed a lot of spies around. If there is any trouble, we can all know it immediately.” Dustin comforted.

”That’s good.” Thorian Rhys nodded.

”Oh, by the way, how did the thing I asked you to do go?” Dustin suddenly asked.

”The letter has been sent out, and the person you want to invite is on his way.” Thorian Rhys said domineeringly.

”This is my backup plan. As long as we succeed in the ambush today, we can take advantage of the situation and destroy the Dragon Guard Pavilion in one fell swoop!” Dustin narrowed his eyes.

”Damn! After struggling for so long, I can finally avenge my shame!” Thorian Rhys licked his lips, a fierce light flashed in his eyes.

The Dragon Guard Pavilion has become a thorn in the side of the Prince of West Lucozia.

Whether it was the incident in the Forbidden City ten years ago or the assassination of his father a few days ago, the Dragon Guard Pavilion was secretly controlling it.

Now that he had the opportunity to kill Dragon Guard Pavilion, the blood in his body had already begun to boil.

You know, in order to ambush Ji Yuanzun this time, basically all the masters in the palace have been dispatched.

They also specially selected an elite team from the Black Dragon Army.

As long as Ji Yuanzun is surrounded, even if he has the ability to reach the sky, it will be impossible to win.

”Your Highness, the spies in front just sent news that someone is coming three kilometers east!”

While everyone was waiting quietly, a guard suddenly ran to Dustin and whispered.

”Notify everyone, be careful of ambush, don’t alert the enemy.” Dustin whispered.

”Yes!” the guard responded and immediately passed on the news.

All the ambush teams were carefully hidden and even their breathing was very low.

After a stick of incense was burned, a group of people finally appeared in front of the mountain road.

He is a member of Dragon Protection Pavilion!


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