Chapter 1879

Chapter 1879

”The target has appeared, prepare to act!”

After seeing the personnel of the Dragon Protection Pavilion, Thorian Rhys immediately became more energetic and slowly pulled out the knife at his waist.

”Don’t worry, wait until they enter the encirclement.”

Dustin stretched out his hand and gently patted Thorian Rhys on the shoulder.

He set up two formations a hundred meters ahead. As long as the people from the Dragon Guard Pavilion entered, they would be trapped.

The first one is the ecstasy array, which has the largest range and covers several kilometers around it. It has the effect of disorienting and dizzying people.

The second one is the Eagle Formation. This formation has a front and a back, two modes. The front represents attack and the back represents defense. It can be attacked or defended, and is very changeable.

Dustin switched to attack mode and arranged eight martial arts masters, each holding a team.

These eight people can infinitely transform into phantoms in the formation. Anyone who enters the formation will be attacked by the phantoms.

If the position of the formation eye cannot be found, then those who enter the formation will be trapped in it and suffer endless attacks until one side is extinct.

In addition to the two formations, Dustin also ordered people to plant a large number of bombs nearby.

Even if the people in the Dragon Guard Pavilion were lucky enough to break the formation, they would eventually be hit by the bomb.

After such an arrangement, most of the people in the Dragon Guard Pavilion should have been killed or injured before they actually took action.

”They have entered the encirclement, activate the formation immediately!”

When the time was right, Dustin immediately gave the order.

”Activate the formation!”

Thorian Rhys shouted, and the elites of the palace took action one after another.

When the ecstasy array was activated, a sheet of white smoke quickly rose from the ground.

In just a few breaths, it covered a radius of several hundred meters, and was still spreading rapidly.

”What’s going on? Why did it suddenly fog up?”

”Isn’t it normal for fog to occur in the morning in the mountains and forests? Don’t make such a fuss.”

”No! This fog is weird, everyone, be careful!”

Looking at the white mist rising out of thin air around them, everyone in the Dragon Protection Pavilion quickly became vigilant. , all pulled out their weapons and looked around, wary of possible sneak attacks.

However, after standing there for a while, there was still no movement around them. Instead, the white fog became more and more thick.

”Everyone, do you feel dizzy and weak in your limbs?” A man in gray clothes suddenly asked.

”Me too, I feel something is wrong with my body.” Another man in black replied.

”Stop talking nonsense, this fog is poisonous, get out of here quickly!”

The leading old man in red shouted, and immediately started running back with the people.

Although I don’t know what happened, it is obvious that these white fogs are not ordinary miasma, but man-made.

Everyone in the Dragon Protection Pavilion ran as fast as a quick, but they never got out of the white mist.

On the contrary, due to strenuous exercise, more white mist was inhaled, and the limbs became more sore and weak.

After trying again for a while, the result was still the same.

”What’s going on? We’ve been running for so long, why haven’t we gotten out of the white mist yet?”

”Look at the environment here. Does it feel familiar to you?”

”More than just familiarity? We’ve been running around in circles the whole time!”

At this moment, everyone finally discovered the clue.

Because no matter how they ran, they were always surrounded by fog, blocking the sky and the sun, and they couldn’t even tell their direction.

One of them also made special marks on the big trees along the way while running.

As a result, they ran back to the marked position.


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