Chapter 1880

Chapter 1880

  The problem is that they have been moving forward without turning or retreating.

When this happens, it can only mean that they are trapped, spinning in circles and unable to get out at all.

”I know! This is the ecstasy formation!”

The man in gray seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly said: “It is rumored that people who enter the formation will be dizzy, in a trance, and unable to tell the direction at the beginning. As time goes by, The strength will also be greatly reduced. If you stay here all the time, it will be extremely fatal!”

”Ecstasy formation? I didn’t expect that this kind of Qimen formation has been lost for many years, but there are still people who can do it. It seems that the person who set up the formation is not simple. Na!” The leading old man in red looked serious.

”Elder Steve, what should we do now?” the man in black asked.

”Of course we must look for opportunities to break the formation, otherwise, we will all be trapped here alive.”

The old man in red squinted and looked around, with a white light flashing in his eyes.

As one of the elders of the Dragon Protection Pavilion, he not only has reached the martial arts master level, but also has special abilities.

That is eye surgery.

His pupil technique is mainly used to control people. It can be said to be an enhanced version of hypnosis.

Its auxiliary function is that it has good eyesight and can penetrate into subtle details.

As long as he uses the pupil technique, no details or abnormalities around him can escape his eyes.

”Found it!”

After careful observation for a moment, the white light in the eyes of the old man in red became brighter. He then pointed at a certain place and shouted: “The exit is right there! Follow me!” The old man in red shouted and immediately took them with him. People ran in the east direction.

As he ran, the white light in his eyes became extremely bright, like a light bulb.

The thick white mist seemed to have lost its ability to confuse in his eyes.
At this moment, the formation is outside the law.

Dustin held a compass in his hand. A yellow light shot out from the middle of the compass, forming a patch of light and shadow on it.

This piece of light and shadow represents the ecstasy array.

The dozens of small light spots in the light and shadow represent the members of the Dragon Protection Pavilion.

Dustin could judge the specific location of the Dragon Protection Pavilion through the movements of these light spots.

At first, these light spots were just in the center of the formation, spinning around in circles, obviously trapped.

Then after a long time, these light spots seemed to find the correct direction and began to rush forward quickly.

The blinding method of the ecstasy array seems to have lost its effect.

”Did you see through it so quickly? It’s really not that simple!”

Dustin narrowed his eyes, looking quite surprised.

Although the ecstasy array is not a killing array, it can greatly reduce the enemy’s combat power. The longer you stay in it, the greater the reduction.

Even a strong person like <- Bill Frost> will be drained by the formation as long as he is trapped for three days and three nights.

Of course, Dustin didn’t expect the enchantment array to trap everyone to death. It only needed to reduce a certain amount of strength, which would be excellent.

However, the Dragon Guard Pavilion broke through the formation much faster than he expected.

”Activate the Eagle Formation!”

Seeing that the Dragon Guard Pavilion personnel were about to escape, Dustin no longer hesitated and immediately commanded people to activate another stronger formation.

The Eagle Formation is one of the killing moves he arranged.

Used in conjunction with the ecstasy array, the power can be maximized.

As long as it is deployed, no one below the Grandmaster will be spared.

Even a martial arts master will be severely injured if he is not careful.


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