Chapter 1881

Chapter 1881

  Under the command of Dustin, the Eagle Formation was quickly activated.

They saw a beam of white light emerging from the eight directions of Heaven, Water, Mountain, Thunder, Wind, Fire, Earth, and Lake on the edge of the fog formation also called as The eight trigrams.

The white light soared into the sky, finally gathered at high altitude, and then shed a huge light curtain, shrouding the entire fog formation in it.

The light curtain is translucent and looks like a giant egg shell from the outside.

At this moment, inside the formation.

Everyone in the Dragon Protection Pavilion was running when they suddenly felt a vibration under their feet. The originally hard ground quickly became soft, like a swamp.

Moreover, there is a huge suction coming from deep underground. Every step you take, you feel like you are going to be sucked into the mire.

”What’s going on? Why is the ground like this?”

The sudden change caused everyone in the Dragon Protection Pavilion to panic.

Even though they are quite powerful, they have never encountered a situation like this before.

Wherever they stepped, the ground turned into a quagmire, pulling them down.

The more they struggled, the stronger the suction coming from the ground became.

In order to protect themselves, they could only mobilize their whole body’s energy to resist this terrible suction.

But in this way, the physical consumption will be very huge.

If they cannot escape within a limited time, once their true energy is exhausted, they will be sucked into the mire and suffocated to death.

”Elder Steve, can the mist formation still cause the ground to change?” the man in black asked.

”Of course the mist formation won’t work. This should be another formation.”

The old man in red frowned and said solemnly: “If you guessed it correctly, we should have entered the formation within the formation. There are people above the mist formation. A more powerful and weirder formation has been superimposed!”

”Array within an array? Is there anyone in the world who is proficient in such advanced thaumaturgy?” The face of the man in black changed drastically.

It is already very rare to set up a fog formation.

And to add another formation to the mist formation, the difficulty is completely increased tenfold and a hundredfold.

He really couldn’t think of anyone who could have such ability?

”Elder Steve! Save me…save me!”

At this time, a weaker member of the Dragon Protection Pavilion suddenly shouted in panic.

The old man in red looked at the sound and saw that most of the man’s body was already stuck in the quagmire and was still falling down.

No matter how hard you try, it’s all to no avail.

At this speed, within three breaths, the man would be completely buried alive.


The old man in red frowned, very unhappy.

But he didn’t ignore it, but raised his hand and grabbed him from the air.

A huge suction force directly pulled the man up.

However, just after rescuing one person, the other members of the Dragon Protection Pavilion were also attacked one after another.

”Elder Steve! I can’t survive! Help me!”

”Elder Steve! Someone is pulling my feet!”

”Damn! There is someone underground!”


When the accident happened, there were exclamations, Cries for help came and went, and the entire team was in chaos.

Not only were they frightened due to the fog formation before, but their strength was also weakened a lot.

Now a new formation has appeared, and they really don’t know how to resist it.

”Quick! Call for reinforcements!”

The old man in red made a prompt decision and gave the order directly.


The man in black took out the flare from his arms and fired it into the sky.


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