Chapter 1882

Chapter 1882


The red signal flare shot directly into the sky with a long tail flame.

However, just halfway through the rush, the translucent mask of the Eagle array suddenly lit up and directly blocked the signal bomb.


There was a bang and the signal bomb exploded.

The firelight was absorbed by the translucent mask and did not cause any ripples.

Even the old man in red and others inside the formation could only see a flash of red light.

Apart from that, there was no other movement.

”We can’t even send a signal. It seems that this formation has completely trapped us.” The old man in red frowned.

With his pupil skills, he couldn’t see the flaw in the formation for a while.

This is enough to prove that the strange formation in front of him is much better than the fog formation.

Especially when the two are superimposed, they complement each other and double their power.

”No! Enemy attack!”

Just as the old man in red was studying how to crack it, a cry came out.

In all directions, black shadows suddenly appeared.

These shadows are all humanoid, but have no real form, as if they are transformed from smoke.

The actions are strange and ethereal.

After getting closer, the hands of these shadows turned into sharp blades and began to attack the members of the Dragon Protection Pavilion.

”Kill them!”

Without any time to think about it, the people in Hulong Pavilion directly raised their swords and killed them.

Although their movements were restricted, at this time, they could only do their best.

Fortunately, the strength of these shadows is mostly at the level of acquired warriors, and only a few of them can reach the early innate stage.

Almost all the members of the Dragon Protection Pavilion present were innate masters. Coupled with good training and tacit cooperation, they quickly killed the shadows to pieces.

In the end, two people died and several others were seriously injured. The elites of the Dragon Guard Pavilion completely wiped out all the shadows.

”Hahaha… I thought they were so powerful, but they turned out to be a bunch of rubbish!”

”That’s right! Although there are many shadows, they are too weak and completely vulnerable!” “

It seems like this weird formation The law is not as scary as we thought.”

After killing all the shadows, everyone in the Dragon Protection Pavilion was in high spirits and high in fighting spirit, as if they had won a great victory.

But soon, they stopped laughing.

Because before they could take a breath, there were more shadows, attacking from all directions.

”Damn! There are still more? Kill them!”

Everyone in the Dragon Protection Pavilion couldn’t help but said, immediately raised their swords and faced them, and continued to kill.

five minutes later.

At the cost of several lives, everyone in Hulong Pavilion wiped out all the shadows.

As a result, after the second wave, there was a third wave, a fourth wave, and a fifth wave.

A large number of shadows emerged from all directions.

No matter how many people were killed in the Dragon Guard Pavilion, more shadows would appear, seemingly endless.

And each wave of shadows will take away several lives.

As the saying goes, if there are many ants, the elephant will be killed.

Shadow’s strength is not strong, but no matter how powerful the master is, he cannot withstand such an endless stream of attacks.

So as they fought, everyone in the Dragon Protection Pavilion became more and more frightened and desperate.

If this continues, they will probably be eaten alive


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