Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1088

Standing in front of the ring, Trevor had his mouth agape, looking utterly dumbfounded.

Maxim was a top expert he had gone through painstaking efforts to hire, and he had already helped him defeat Alexander and Godfrey two years in a row. As long as Maxim helped him win once more, he would definitely be appointed as the third-generation heir of the Steeles!

But now, Maxim had just died in front of him, and Trevor could even smell the bloody scent emanating from Maxim’s corpse through the steel rail guards.

Maxim dying was a trivial matter, but it meant that he had lost to Alexander in the tournament.

The fact that Godfrey had just died and he had just lost to Alexander meant that the majority of their businesses would be handed to Alexander!

How could this happen?!

He had been so close to defeating Alexander, yet the latter surpassed him at this juncture. He obviously couldn’t let it happen!

Trevor’s menacing gaze was full of murderous intent.

Anyone who wanted to get in his way and hinder him from becoming the family’s future helmsman had to die!

On the other side of the ring, Alexander and Ashley were both stunned for a while after witnessing Lucas kill Maxim with a single punch. Then they leaped up with excited faces. “Mr. Gray won! We won! We’re saved!”

“Haha, Alexander, this is great!” Ashley hugged Alexander’s arm, screaming and jumping excitedly like a little girl. But her eyes were full of tears, which were obviously tears of joy.

Lucas winning meant that their camp had achieved victory in the annual competition. They would be able to get a larger share of the family’s businesses and power in the future, and they would no longer have to worry about being driven out by the family.

At this time, Lucas walked calmly out of the ring and toward Alexander and Ashley.

If it wasn’t to help them, Lucas wouldn’t have joined the tournament at all, so he naturally wouldn’t participate in the following matches.

Lucas didn’t care about winning the championship and obtaining the prize money of more than a hundred million dollars.

Seeing Lucas walking over, Alexander immediately went forward and said agitatedly, “Thank you so much, Mr. Gray! I don’t even know how to thank you. Anyway, if you need anything in the future, feel free to give me any orders!”

In order to get Lucas to help him fight, Alexander had personally said that he would be at Lucas’s beck and call in the future. Now that Lucas had finished with his matter, Alexander had made up his mind.

Alexander wasn’t a fool. With such terrifying abilities, Lucas had definitely held a high position in the military. If he could really work for Lucas, he would stand to gain an advantage.

Ashley hurried over to Lucas excitedly and said with red eyes, “Thank you so much, Mr. Gray!”

“It’s just a trivial matter,” Lucas said calmly.

But Trevor found his words extremely irksome.

Lucas was actually so calm, and he even said that killing Maxim was just a trivial matter. It meant that the expert he had painstakingly hired was someone who could be killed easily.

Although this was indeed the case, Trevor still felt very disgruntled, and his eyes were burning with fury.

“Alexander, this is all your fault!”

Trevor didn’t dare to lose his temper at Lucas, so he shouted at Alexander with a murderous expression.

Alexander frowned. “Trevor, what is my fault?”

“Hah, I have nothing to say about Maxim’s death since it’s because of his own incompetence! But even though you defeated me this time, Godfrey was killed by the person you invited. Let’s see how you explain it to the family!” Trevor said viciously.

Alexander’s heart skipped a beat.

To be honest, he was worried about the family.

He didn’t think that the Steeles could do anything to Lucas. But the strength Lucas had displayed was so terrifying that he must have had a very high status in the military.

If the Steeles really went against Lucas, they would probably be no match for him.

Besides, Alexander also knew that Lucas had joined the Falcon Regiment in Calico at the southern border, which was led by someone nicknamed the Invincible God of War. Since Lucas was from the regiment and held a high post there, he might be a subordinate of Gray the Invincible.

If Lucas could invite the God of War over, let alone the Steeles, even the eight families of DC wouldn’t be a match for him!

The more Alexander thought about it, the more frightened he became. He hurriedly said, “Godfrey was killed because he provoked Mr. Gray and tried to kill him but ended up getting killed instead. His death is his own fault. I will say the same even if the family questions me about it!

“Also, Mr. Gray is my friend, and he’ll also be a friend of the Steeles in the future. So you’d better mind your attitude when you’re speaking to him!”

Hearing this, Trevor sneered. “He killed a direct descendant of the Steeles, but you actually said that he would become a family friend? What a joke!”

He narrowed his eyes and threatened furiously, “I’ll definitely report everything that happened today to Grandfather. This punk must pay the price for killing a Steele! As for you, you won’t be able to escape punishment either. Just you wait!”

Lucas glanced at him and suddenly asked Alexander, “Are there only you three male heirs among the direct descendants of the Steeles in your generation?”

Alexander was stunned for a while, but he immediately understood that Lucas was referring to him, Trevor, and Godfrey, who had already died. He nodded and said, “Yes, there are only three of us among the male heirs, but now, there are only two of us left.”

Lucas nodded and suddenly said, “In that case, why don’t we just kill Trevor Steele too? Anyway, I’ve already killed one, and I don’t mind killing one more. That way, you’ll be the only direct male descendant left in your generation. I doubt anyone else in your family will dare to compete with you for the position.”

As soon as he said this, Alexander, Ashley, and Trevor all stood still in place with shock written all over their faces.

Lucas actually said that he would kill Trevor too!

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