Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1152

1152 Dragging Him Down

Hayden didn’t react until Samuel’s fist hit his face and he felt a sharp pain in his cheekbone.

“Damn it, you bastard Samuel! You sneak attacked me! Since you struck first, don’t blame me for not showing mercy!” Hayden hollered furiously and punched Samuel.

The two of them started hitting each other.

What Jacky said spurred Samuel and Hayden to go all out as if they were fighting to the death.

After a short exchange of blows, their faces were already covered in bruises and wounds. They were in immense pain, but they still continued to hit each other hard, afraid Jacky would think that they weren’t hitting each other hard enough.


Seeing that the two immediately fought each other after receiving his order, Jacky guffawed smugly.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Nick immediately smiled contemptuously, as if he was watching two dogs biting each other.

Next to them, Alyssa and Bethany watched nervously as their boyfriends beat each other up as if they were enemies. But they knew that this was Jacky’s order, so they didn’t dare to disobey him or lose their temper. They could only look at the scene in front of them worriedly.

Everleigh watched with some worry on her face, but her expression was rather fake. In fact, there was even some pleasure in her eyes.

At the end of the day, the reason they ended up offending the Waltons was that they had saved Everleigh from Jacky. It could even be said that she was the trigger for today’s incident.

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But now, Everleigh was watching her roommates’ boyfriends being forced to beat each other up after offending someone because they had saved her. She didn’t feel any guilt at all but instead had a twisted sense of joy.

Reason being, she was disgruntled over Alyssa and Bethany having boyfriends that were much richer than hers, even though she was second in beauty among the four roommates after Leila.

They had frequently shown off to Everleigh in the past, so she had already accumulated a lot of pent-up resentment and jealousy.

When she saw how miserable they were, Everleigh felt that she had finally found some release for her long-standing resentment.

Of course, in addition to Alyssa’s and Bethany’s boyfriends, she also found Leila’s boyfriend an eyesore.

Lucas actually drove a two-million-dollar car. How did Leila get herself such a boyfriend?

Thinking of this, Everleigh couldn’t help looking at Jacky, who was standing in front of the crowd.

When Jacky tried to get fresh with her earlier, Everleigh had felt extremely disgusted.

But after learning Jacky’s identity, Everleigh felt that he was rather handsome when she looked at him again. He seemed to be only in his twenties, so he was young and rich.

Moreover, he was from one of the top eight families in DC. If she could marry him, she would get to live a life of luxury, completely surpassing her three roommates of four years!

When Roger led Hayden and Samuel to her rescue about ten minutes ago, Everleigh had felt extremely excited and happy. But now, she was furious at these people who had ruined her good deed.

If they hadn’t rushed over, taken her away, and even beat up Jacky, she might be Jacky’s woman now!

When Everleigh saw Alyssa’s and Bethany’s boyfriends still fighting each other hard, while Leila’s new ‘boyfriend’ Lucas was still sitting calmly and enjoying the show, her eyes flashed with maliciousness.

Everleigh suddenly pointed at Lucas and reprimanded self-righteously, “Lucas, aren’t you Leila’s boyfriend and their friend? They’ve been beaten up for offending Mr. Walton, but you’re just sitting here and watching. Are you still a man? You’re really a disappointment!”

Lucas remained sitting and glanced at Everleigh.

He was well aware of what she was thinking.

After she learned Jacky’s identity, the regret on her face was almost overflowing. Immediately afterward, she had obvious hatred in her eyes when she looked at Hayden and Samuel.

Now that she knew who Jacky was, her gratitude toward them for saving her had already turned into hatred. She thought that they had ruined her chance to hook up with Jacky.

Now that she suddenly targeted Lucas, she just wanted to drag him down too.

Thus, Lucas didn’t react to Everleigh’s accusation and simply said indifferently, “I’m just accompanying Leila for a meal. Friend? The two of them aren’t worthy of being my friends.”

Leila could also tell that Everleigh had hostile intentions.

The person forcing Samuel and Hayden to beat each other up was a scion of the Waltons, one of the eight top families in DC. Even Roger had to kneel and beg for mercy from the two Walton brothers. But Lucas didn’t have any friendship with Samuel and Hayden in the first place, so what right did Everleigh have to want him to help them?

It was clearly a deliberate attempt to get Lucas implicated!

Leila looked at Everleigh and said impolitely, “Everleigh, that’s enough. Aren’t you just trying to blow things up? Don’t forget who caused things to end up this way!”

She was good at observing, and she had long noticed the changes in Everleigh’s expressions.

She chose to keep silent because she didn’t want to embarrass Everleigh in public, thinking that doing so wasn’t necessary. But now that Everleigh wanted to drag Lucas into trouble, Leila couldn’t tolerate it anymore.

“Leila, how… how could you say that about me?! We’ve always treated you as our close friend, but you’re so selfish. Even though Alyssa’s and Bethany’s boyfriends are suffering, you’re not even thinking of helping them!

“You’re so heartless! I really had the wrong idea about you!”

Everleigh accused, looking extremely heartbroken.

Alyssa nodded and chimed in, “Exactly! Leila, why are you like that? Have we ever mistreated you before? Now that our boyfriends are in trouble, your boyfriend is watching at the side, and you refuse to help at all. Instead, you’re making callous comments. You’ve gone overboard!”

Bethany said angrily, “Leila, so much for being friends! They all say that time will prove people’s true colors. This incident shows that you’re just like your boyfriend, selfish and condescending. It’s really disappointing!”


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