Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1178

1178 Terrifying Person
The Waltons were taken aback, but they finally realized that Lucas was serious. With ecstatic expressions, they hurriedly said, “No, we want it. Thank you, Mr. Gray!”

“Thank you, Mr. Gray!”

The three of them looked as though they had survived a catastrophe, and they were about to cry tears of joy.

Just as Lucas said, as long as they had an additional 1.5 billion dollars, they would definitely be able to establish a business empire again in another city soon.

Although it would be far inferior to what they had now, it would be much better than ordinary wealthy families!

After the drastic plunge from 300 million to 150 million dollars, they felt extremely grateful for the additional 1.5 billion dollars. It was as if they had risen back to heaven from hell.

After thanking Lucas, Albert understood what Lucas meant and hurriedly assured, “Mr. Gray, please rest assured that my family and I will leave DC immediately after the handover is completed. We will never come back in the future!”

Lucas smiled approvingly and nodded. “You may leave now.”

The Waltons quickly left with joyful smiles of relief and gratitude on their faces.

Now, only Lucas, Jordan, Kenneth, and Ray were remaining in the private room.

Ray hurriedly came forward and said to Lucas respectfully, “Congratulations, Mr. Gray. You have successfully acquired the Waltons’ assets!”

Lucas smiled. “From tomorrow onward, there will be no more Waltons in DC. In their place will be the Parkers. Everything they’ve left will be managed by the Parkers on my behalf. Understood?”

Kenneth and Ray quickly said, “Yes! Mr. Gray, rest assured. We will definitely manage these assets well for you. We won’t disappoint you!”

They were aware of what Lucas meant.

At the end of the day, Lucas bought the Waltons’ assets, and the Parkers would just be managing and developing them on his behalf.

Kenneth and Ray didn’t have any complaints. On the contrary, they felt very honored.

Lucas’s willingness to let the Parkers manage the valuable assets worth over 30 billion dollars showed his trust in them.

Moreover, Lucas’ method of handling things was apparent from this event. He didn’t intend to keep today’s matter from the Parkers and allowed them to watch him deal with the Waltons. This could be regarded as a warning to them.

As long as they obeyed Lucas, they would naturally gain many benefits.

But if they had ill intentions or tried to get more from Lucas, their plans would backfire, and they might suffer for it.

Meanwhile, Kenzo had already left the restaurant and gotten inside his car while bearing the excruciating pain in his body.

Without waiting, he hurriedly made a call.

After the call connected, Kenzo immediately asked, “Mr. Zander, do you know someone named Lucas Gray?”

Damien immediately asked in surprise, “Lucas Gray? A powerful young man in his twenties?”

Kenzo nodded. “Yes, that’s him!

“The Waltons invited me to help them because they offended him. But in the end, I was defeated by a young man next to Lucas Gray. He even severely wounded me!

“Moreover, Lucas Gray wants to snatch the Waltons’ assets from us. He offered an incredibly low price to buy all the assets, and I’m afraid he’s achieved what he wanted by now.

“Mr. Zander, what should we do now? The Peerless Martial Association has supported the Waltons for years, and we can’t let someone else reap the benefits so easily, right?”

After hearing what Kenzo said, Damien was too stunned to speak.

After a long silence, he finally said, “Now, we need to give up on the Waltons for the time being.”

“What did you say—”

Cough! Cough!

Overwhelmed by shock, when Kenzo spoke, the wounds on his chest and his back were strained, and he immediately started coughing violently. Due to the coughing, he felt the pain in his chest intensify.

As a member of the Peerless Martial Association, he naturally knew how much the association had invested in the Waltons over the years and how much they received in return every year.

It could be said that the Waltons were like a cash cow of the Peerless Martial Association. Similarly, the association could also do many secretive acts through controlling the Waltons.

But Damien, the head of the Peerless Martial Association’s US headquarters, actually said to give up on the Waltons for the time being.

Damien asked, “Do you think that Lucas Gray just has a powerful bodyguard who can defeat you but isn’t that strong himself?”

Kenzo didn’t say anything and recalled that Lucas had remained sitting calmly without standing up from beginning to end. He didn’t even show any martial arts stance.

Thus, although he was still uncertain about Lucas, he didn’t think that Lucas was more skilled than Jordan.

Such powerful experts were rare to come by. If a few appeared at the same time, it would only make others wonder if such geniuses were extremely ordinary and thus doubt their own aptitude.

Damien said, “About a month ago, I met Lucas Gray at the Howards’ and even fought him. But I was the one who lost.”


What Damien said immediately made Kenzo reveal a look of disbelief.

Although Kenzo was the fourth most powerful expert in the Peerless Martial Association while Damien was the third, Kenzo knew that he was worlds apart from Damien.

If he fought Damien, he would definitely be defeated within three moves, and he could even end up dead or crippled.

But even the terrifyingly powerful Damien said that he had lost to Lucas in one move.

If Damien hadn’t admitted it himself, Kenzo would have definitely thought of it as an absurd story!

The more frightening thing was that Lucas was only in his twenties yet already possessed such terrifying strength. Who knew what kind of a monster he would grow into in the future.

Kenzo couldn’t imagine it at all.

Damien continued, “Anyway, Lucas Gray is a very dangerous person, so you shouldn’t fight against him.

“Put aside the matter with the Waltons for the time being. You just need to remember that one day, the Peerless Martial Association will take back everything that rightfully belongs to us!”


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