Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1180

1180 Don’t Want To Leave
At this moment, Ashley had changed into a fashionable and beautiful outfit comprising a camel-colored medium-length cashmere coat, a red cashmere plaid skirt, and a pair of beige knee-length boots. She looked youthful and beautiful.

The Steeles were all genetically-blessed and good-looking. As the only female heir of the Steeles in her generation, Ashley was naturally outstanding.

After dolling herself up, she had attracted the attention of countless people.

Lucas walked over and complimented, “You’re very pretty today.”

She felt a little shy, and a faint blush appeared on her face.

She was already so used to receiving compliments that she no longer felt much when she received one. Sometimes, she even found it annoying. But after she heard Lucas’s simple praise, her heart felt as sweet as honey and began beating wildly.

It was no wonder that people often said women tended to dress up for those they adored. It turned out that the feeling of being complimented by the person you liked was so wonderful!

Ashley felt rosy and fuzzy inside. After getting inside Lucas’s car, she guided him to the restaurant where she made reservations for dinner.

But when Lucas reached the place, surprise appeared on his face. “Is this the place you booked?”

With a proud expression, Ashley nodded and said enthusiastically, “Lucas, you probably don’t know about this place. Although it doesn’t look fancy on the outside, the interior decor is very luxurious, and it offers a plethora of appealing delicacies!

“This restaurant is very popular on the internet recently. It’s very hard to make reservations here unless you book in advance! I managed to get reservations only because I booked days in advance. I promise it won’t disappoint you!”

“Uh…” Lucas was really at a loss for words.

He didn’t expect Kenneth’s restaurant to become so popular online that it was difficult to find seats without making reservations.

After stopping the car, Lucas looked at the entrance of the restaurant.

The glass door smashed by the Waltons’ truck last night had already been replaced with a brand new one, and the surroundings had also been repaired. There were no traces of the collision at all.

There were indeed a lot of people inside and outside the restaurant waiting in line.

But even though people were waiting outside, there were tables and chairs, complimentary fruit platters, and refreshments for them. So despite the long queue, no one was impatient or annoyed.

Lucas nodded. Kenneth had truly done a good job managing this place. It was no wonder that it became a top dining spot in DC within such a short time.

After the two of them were seated and ordered a few dishes, they started chatting.

Looking at Lucas in front of her, Ashley was suddenly in low spirits and looked down, her eyelashes covering her eyes.

She said softly, “Lucas, I’m going overseas tomorrow…”

Lucas asked in surprise, “Don’t you want to go? If you want to stay, I can help you make arrangements.”

Ashley’s fingers tensed up under the table.

If she could, she really wanted to stay in the US and be by Lucas’s side…

Unfortunately, her mother and brother would never agree to it.

Despite the bitterness in her eyes, Ashley raised her head and smiled widely. “No, I just feel a little nervous! Besides, my mom and brother are going, so I definitely want to go with them! I probably won’t be that nervous since we’ll all be together.”

Hearing this, Lucas didn’t know what to say.

Actually, Lucas was the one who had arranged for Ashley and her family to go abroad to expand the business.

Based on his investigation, Lucas had discovered that the three of them, whom the Steeles had kicked out of the family, were actually rare business talents.

Alexander and Elise were both highly educated and possessed excellent business acumen.

Because of her young age, Ashley still lacked some experience, but she was extremely intelligent too. With some training, she would become an incredible talent.

But it was precisely because the three of them were outstanding talents that the Stardust Corporation’s structure might be disrupted if they stayed in the US. Flynn, as well as Cheyenne, Charlotte, and William, who would be coming to DC soon, would all be affected.

He couldn’t put all these talents in the same place. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to make full use of their abilities, or disputes would arise.

This was one of the reasons that Lucas decided to send the family of three abroad.

So after hearing Ashley’s words, Lucas said, “You won’t be staying abroad for long. Once the market there stabilizes, if you want to come back, I’ll naturally let you come back. The Stardust Corporation will be rapidly developing domestically, so there will be places where I need your help when the time comes.”

Ashley immediately looked up at Lucas and asked excitedly, “Can we really come back?”

Lucas nodded firmly. “Yes, of course. Once the business abroad is stable, all three of you can come back together.”

“Haha, you’re so nice, Lucas! Here’s a toast!” Ashley giggled and raised her glass. Lucas smiled and followed suit. They clinked glasses and couldn’t help laughing.

Soon, the dishes were served. They all looked splendid and appetizing.

Lucas had been rather busy lately, and he finally had some time to relax today. Moreover, Ashley was the only other person at the dining table, so he ate very comfortably since no one disturbed him.

But Ashley didn’t eat much. From time to time, she would gaze at Lucas, lost in thought.

However, when Lucas asked her, she would just smile and cover it up by saying that she had a small appetite.

After having his fill, Lucas looked at Ashley and said, “Since we’re finished, I’ll send you home!”

“No, I don’t want to go home!” Ashley blurted out. But she immediately realized that this remake was a little inappropriate. She hurriedly said, “I don’t want to go home yet. Why don’t you accompany me to a bar, Lucas? I suddenly feel like drinking!”

Actually, Ashley didn’t want to drink. She just didn’t want to part ways with Lucas so soon.

She would go abroad with her mother and brother tomorrow, and it would likely be years before she got to see Lucas again.


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