Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1182

1182 Person From the Past
However, since Ashley had already spoken, Lucas naturally couldn’t deny it on the spot. So he could only smile and play along. “Really? Of course I’m happy! In that case, you can’t drink today. Alcohol isn’t good for the baby. Let’s get you some juice instead.”

Ashley blushed coyly and said joyfully, “Alright. Honey, you’re so good to me!”

The two of them talked in harmony, completely ignoring the young man who came over to hit on Ashley.

Being ignored by them and hearing them talk as if they were the only ones present, the young man instantly looked displeased.

He originally thought that Lucas and Ashley were just boyfriend and girlfriend, so he could try to hit on her. But it turned out that they were married, and the gorgeous Ashley was pregnant. He immediately knew that she wasn’t the right target to flirt with.

Seeing the young man leave without saying another word, Ashley couldn’t help covering her mouth and laughing. “Haha, Lucas, that was so fun! His expression was hilarious!

“But you’re so bad, Lucas. I didn’t expect your acting skills to be so good. You coordinated with me so well. Haha! I almost thought you’d be too startled to continue the conversation or laugh and break out of character!”

Lucas chuckled wryly. “What you said really shocked me. Try not to say such things from now on. In case someone really misunderstandings us, it will affect your reputation.”

She actually suddenly said that she was pregnant. If Lucas wasn’t quick-witted enough, he would have been too stunned to react in time.

“Hehe, I know! I was just joking!” Ashley stuck her tongue out and smiled.

After what just happened, Ashley was in a much better mood, and a normal smile finally returned to her face.

“Are… are you Ashley?” Suddenly, a man’s voice filled with astonishment came.

The moment she heard this voice, her body instantly stiffened, and she turned around.

When she saw the appearance of the speaker, her eyes widened. She stared at the person in front of her in disbelief, her lips trembling, at a loss for words.

Lucas looked up at the person who spoke.

The young man was around 25 years old, about 1.8 meters, and quite handsome.

Beside him was a young woman of similar age. Although her looks were ordinary, she was dressed in designer apparel from head to toe and seemed to be from a wealthy family.

The two of them were linking arms and looked like a couple.

Ashley stared at the young man, and her lips trembled several times before she finally said, “It’s… it’s really you? You’re still alive?”

The young man smiled with a complicated expression. “Of course I’m still alive. Did you think I was dead?”

When Ashley heard this, her expression became indescribable. She smiled mirthlessly but seemed to be tearing up. She looked surprised yet confused. She was at a loss for words and just kept her eyes peeled on the young man without looking away.

The young woman frowned with displeasure while shaking the man’s arm and asking sourly, “Honey, who is this? Do you know her?”

The young man quickly said, “She’s just a former college classmate. Her name is Ashley Steele.”

Then he introduced to Ashley, “Oh, I forgot to introduce you. This is my wife, Vanessa Phillips.”

“What?!” Ashley abruptly stood up, dazed by the sudden news. She whispered in disbelief, “Your wife? You… you’re married?”

The young man smiled. “Yes, we’ve been married for more than two years.”

Ashley clutched the tablecloth tightly as if it was the only way she could barely support herself and turned as pale as a sheet while tears quickly welled up in her eyes.

Lucas reached out to hold Ashley worriedly.

Her current state wasn’t good. She almost lost her balance and fell to the floor.

The young man looked at Lucas and asked with a smile, “Ashley, who is this? Aren’t you going to introduce us?”

Ashley took a deep breath and finally managed to suppress her tears. Trying her best to keep calm, she said, “He… he’s my husband, Lucas Gray.”

She looked at Lucas apologetically before introducing to him, “This is Peter Hewitt, an old friend of mine.”

Peter sized Lucas up ambiguously before reaching his hand out and smiling. “Nice to meet you.”

Lucas didn’t accept the handshake. Instead, he said calmly, “I’m sorry, but I’m a bit of a clean freak, so I tend to avoid handshakes.”

Peter was slightly stunned for a moment before realizing that Lucas meant that his hands were dirty. Fury appeared in his eyes.

But he soon suppressed his anger and still behaved gentlemanly. He retracted his hand and said with a smile, “We have a few friends here, so we’ll excuse ourselves first. Goodbye.”

With that, Peter left with Vanessa and headed to the other side of the bar.

After watching them leave, Ashley seemed to lose all her strength and slumped down into her chair, confusion and misery written all over her face.

“He isn’t dead… and he’s harried… Haha!” Ashley laughed in self-contempt and mockery.

Although Lucas didn’t know what their relationship was, nor did he know what had happened between them, he could tell from their brief conversation that Ashley had thought that Peter was dead all this while.

After hearing that Peter was married, Ashely seemed to suffer a huge blow as she turned pale and bewildered.

In contrast, Peter had remained polite the entire time, and because of this, he appeared distant and aloof.

But for some reason, Lucas didn’t like Peter, so he couldn’t be bothered to shake his hand.

“Waiter, please bring me a bottle of the highest alcohol content wine you have!” Ashley suddenly exclaimed to a waiter nearby.


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