Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1184

1184 College Classmates
After hearing what Ashley said, Lucas heaved a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “That’s good. Since there’s someone you like, that’s even better. Congratulations!”

Ashley quickly glanced at Lucas and then looked down with misery in her eyes.

There was indeed someone she liked. But unfortunately, he didn’t know.

She would probably never reveal her adoration for him in her lifetime.

Peter’s appearance had ruined Ashley’s mood, and it had just gotten better. But now, she felt down again.

Lucas understood how she felt.

Although Ashley said that she had already gotten over Peter and fallen for someone else, he was her first love after all, and they had been together for three years. How could it be easy for her to get over him?

Moreover, she had just found out that her ex-boyfriend was still alive and even married, so she definitely needed some time to digest it.

But at this moment, several young men and women walked toward them. Peter and his wife, who had just left, were at the front.

“Hey, Ashley, you’re really here!”

“We just heard Peter mention it, and I didn’t quite believe him. But you’re really here! As far as I remember, you never went to bars in the past.”

“Ashley, do you remember us, your college classmates?”

Several people surrounded Ashley and chattered one after another.

These people turned out to be Ashley’s college classmates!

Seeing these people, Ashley said happily, “I didn’t expect to see you guys here! Of course I remember you. We were classmates!”

She chatted with her former classmates, whom she hadn’t met for three years.

After the initial excitement, Ashley asked with some puzzlement, “Speaking of which, why are you guys here today? Is there a class reunion?”

A fashionably-dressed woman quickly explained, “It’s just a mini-reunion among a few of us who don’t have much to do. We planned to invite you, but none of us could reach you. So we just had a small reunion here. Please don’t blame us!”

Ashley didn’t blame them at all. She smiled and said, “We were classmates. Why would I blame you?”

The girl chuckled. “I knew you wouldn’t be petty, Ashley! But since fate has allowed us to bump into each other here, it means that God has arranged for us to meet, so we should have fun together!”

Peter stepped forward and said, “This bar is too small. Since it’s rare for us to meet, how about we go to Club Aurora? It’ll be on me!”

“Haha, since it’s Peter’s treat, we have to go!”

Everyone agreed with a smile.

Ashley was the only one hesitant to agree. “I’ll just…”

Just as she was about to decline, Lucas said, “Since it’s rare for you guys to meet, let’s go together!”

Hearing Lucas agree on her behalf, Ashley naturally wouldn’t object. She nodded and agreed, “Okay then, let’s go together.”

The girl who had been chatting with Ashley was named Allie, and she had been paying attention to Lucas from the moment she arrived. Seeing Ashley comply after Lucas spoke, she couldn’t help asking, “Ashley, who is this handsome man beside you? You haven’t introduced us yet!”

Ashley glanced at Peter. Since she had lied that Lucas was her husband in front of Peter, she could only continue with the act.

She held Lucas’s arm and said somewhat shyly, “This is my husband, Lucas Gray.”

“Huh? Ashley, you’re married?” Allie’s eyes widened in disbelief as she stared at Lucas.

The others around them were also surprised. They looked at Lucas and sized him up one after another.

Lucas felt rather helpless. Although he was married himself, he couldn’t tell the truth in front of Ashley’s classmates, lest he embarrasses her.

But he just had to pose as her husband for tonight. Leila had gotten him to pose as her boyfriend for a day, so he wasn’t inexperienced doing this.

The group walked out of the bar merrily and headed to Club Aurora.

But at this moment, a discordant voice suddenly sounded. “Ashley, I heard that you, your immediate family got kicked out by the Steeles. Is that true?”

As soon as the question was asked, everyone fell silent and turned to look at Ashley.

Ashley’s face immediately turned sullen.

Getting kicked out of one’s family was nothing to be proud of, and anyone bringing up the matter obviously had ill intentions and was out to hurt Ashley.

Allie chided with displeasure, “Carrie, what nonsense are you saying? Ashley is a direct descendant of the Steeles. How could she be kicked out?”

Carrie, who was wearing thick makeup, had high cheekbones and thin lips. She looked like a mean person.

She glanced at Ashley and said firmly, “Of course I’m not talking nonsense. This isn’t a secret in DC anyway. We heard about it when news spread from the Steeles a few days ago. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Ashley!”

Allie looked surprised and asked Ashley, “Ashley, is that true? Your family really… got kicked out?”

Ashley seemed extremely sullen, but this was the truth. Since she couldn’t hide it, she could only bite the bullet and nod.

She admitted to it!

All of a sudden, many people looked astonished. It turned out that Ashley, who had always seemed so glorious, had really been kicked out by the Steeles!

Ashley’s former classmates, who had been respectful and flattering toward her, immediately had a change of expression and looked at her gloatingly.

“Ashley, you used to be an heiress of the Steeles, a wealthy and noble lady. No wonder you’re wearing ordinary clothes today and no longer wearing designer clothing like you used to. It turns out you’ve been kicked out! Tsk, I wonder what your family did to get kicked out!” A petite girl with several moles on her face immediately mocked.

Carrie chimed in with a gloating smile, “Look, I wasn’t lying, was I? Ashley Steele, I really want to know what you did to get kicked out by your family. Did you anger your elders because you’re too incompetent and married a penniless man?”

She deliberately turned to look at Lucas.


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