Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1232

1232 Drawing A Clear Line

Lucas glanced at Ethan but said nothing.

Ethan was kneeling on the floor and begging bitterly.

Bruce couldn’t stand it any longer and ridiculed, “Ethan Sawyer, you’re really thick-skinned! After betraying us, you went to flatter the Hamiltons. But I bet you didn’t expect him not to want you, did you?

“You failed to cozy up to the Hamiltons, and now you’re trying to seek Mr. Gray’s forgiveness and protection? Hah, you must be dreaming!”

Edmund said disdainfully, “Hah, Ethan Sawyer, you’re just a disgusting traitor who’s an absolute disgrace to all people! You failed to pledge allegiance to the Hamiltons, and now you turned out and begged Mr. Gray instead. What do you think Mr. Gray is? Do you think he’s someone who will take you in after someone else has abandoned you?”

The two of them spoke extremely mercilessly, causing Ethan to turn pale before blushing again. His entire face stung and burned.

He knew how embarrassing his current behavior was. But since things had already developed to this point, if he couldn’t give up his pride and beg for Lucas’s forgiveness, the Sawyers would really have no place in California!

So despite feeling ashamed and aggrieved, Ethan could only continue shamelessly begging Lucas.

“Mr. Gray, I… I really don’t mean to say that! I was just too muddled and thought that pledging allegiance to the Hamiltons would solve the issue. But I didn’t expect… But no matter what, I’ve never thought of betraying you or becoming your enemy!”

Ethan tried his best to explain himself and even looked at Lucas nervously with a pitiful expression.

Bruce couldn’t tolerate seeing Ethan’s feigned expressions anymore and said coldly, “Ethan Sawyer, I think you should just be an actor instead of a family helmsman. Unfortunately, your acting skills are still too poor. You think we don’t know what you were thinking just now?

“If Brett Hamilton had really accepted you just now, you’d probably be behaving differently now. If he had asked you to deal with Mr. Gray and us, you’d definitely agree without hesitation.

“You even said that you would never become Mr. Gray’s enemy. What a joke!”

Edmund said to Lucas, “Mr. Gray, there’s an old saying that says you can never trust a traitor twice. Since Ethan Sawyer has betrayed you once, he can betray you countless times! You really don’t have to forgive this scoundrel or give him any chance because he’s not worthy at all!”

Brett narrowed his eyes slightly.

He could tell from Edmund’s and Bruce’s speech and tone that they were extremely respectful to Lucas. Not only did they address him respectfully, but they clearly saw him in a superior position.

This made Brett even more curious about Lucas’s identity.

Edmund and Bruce had rejected his offer earlier and would rather be destroyed than pledge allegiance to the Hamiltons. Clearly, they had strong backbones and would never submit to anyone easily.

Brett found it incredible that they were so harsh to him but so respectful to Lucas.

Could Lucas Gray be from a family even more prestigious than the Hamiltons?

As soon as this thought arose, Brett dismissed it.

The Hamiltons were one of the nine royal family branches in the US, and among the branches more powerful than the Hamiltons, none of them had the last name Gray.

Could he have some extraordinary traits that allowed him to earn the respect and loyalty of the Hales and the Coles?

Apart from this, Brett couldn’t think of any other possibility.

Joel and Anthony immediately looked shocked and bewildered.

They were from the top families of Arizona and Nevada and had very little interaction with the families of California, so they didn’t know who Lucas was.

But anyone could tell from the way the Californian helmsmen treated Lucas that he had a high status.

Just a few minutes ago, Joel and Anthony had even reprimanded Lucas, and they were now worried that it would bring trouble to their families.

The two of them became tense and regretful.

If they had known how powerful Lucas was, they would have been more careful when speaking earlier.

But it was too late now!

“Mr. Gray, I really know my mistakes! On account that we used to be close… and for the sake of my daughter, Lena, please just forgive me this time and give the Sawyers another chance!”

In order to get Lucas to forgive him, Ethan even brought up Lena, hoping that Lucas would forgive him on account of his friendship with Lena.

Deep down, Ethan had always hoped that Lena would be more than friends with Lucas so that he would be even closer to Lucas.

But Ethan made the wrong decision again.

Lucas didn’t have any thoughts about Lena in the first place, and now, he was facing an issue probably caused by her.

Even though Ethan had brought up Lena, it wouldn’t change Lucas’s decision at all.

“Ethan Sawyer, from now on, the Sawyers have nothing to do with me. I hope you can firmly remember this.

“If I find you using my name to get some benefits in the future, don’t blame me for being impolite to you and the Sawyers!”

Lucas’s warning immediately made Ethan’s heart sink to rock bottom.

The reason the Sawyers had managed to go from one of the four major families of Orange County to the third family in California was entirely thanks to Lucas’s prestige and power, which enabled them to receive olive branches from countless wealthy families and established enterprises in California. These great opportunities allowed the Sawyers to achieve incredible development.

If Lucas drew a clear line between him and the Sawyers, they wouldn’t be able to use his connections anymore, and they would definitely decline rapidly.

Ethan obviously couldn’t accept this outcome.

“Mr. Gray, please—”

“If you keep talking nonsense, the Sawyers will disappear from California today! Are you sure you’re going to continue begging?” Lucas’s cold voice immediately interrupted Ethan, causing him to shudder.


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