Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1233

1233 Not Interested

Ethan opened his mouth, his face deathly pale, but he knew that he couldn’t continue begging Lucas anymore.

Otherwise, the Sawyers would be destroyed today!

Ethan’s heart was almost bleeding, but he could only say, “Yes, thank you so much for your magnanimity, Mr. Gray!”

In fact, Lucas was already being kind enough to Ethan and cutting him some slack for Lena’s sake.

Lucas used to be part of the military, so he was an upright, straightforward, and determined person, and he hated betrayal the most.

Edmund was right. If it was on the battlefield, Ethan’s act of betraying his allies would definitely warrant being shot to death on the spot.

The fact that he didn’t make the Sawyers disappear from California immediately or punish Ethan was already a great act of kindness.

“Buddy, you look unfamiliar. This should be our first time meeting. May I know who you are?” Brett asked Lucas with a smile and obvious interest on his face.

Lucas glanced at Brett and said indifferently, “I’m not a big shot like you’re thinking. I believe you can easily find out that I’m just an abandoned son of the Hutton family in DC. In fact, I’ve been living on my own for so many years that I’m no longer a Hutton.”

Brett was surprised.

The Huttons were one of the eight top families in DC, so Brett was no stranger to them.

He had never heard of a Lucas Gray in the Hutton family. Besides, Lucas’s last name was Gray. He wondered if Lucas was an unknown illegitimate child of the Huttons.

But if he was just an illegitimate child, how could people of Bruce’s and Edmund’s status be respectful to him?

Moreover, Brett could sense that Lucas was extremely confident and calm.

How could someone like him really be just an illegitimate child of the Huttons?

If he wasn’t relying on the Huttons, his confidence definitely came from himself.

Thinking of this, Brett looked at Lucas with enthusiasm.

If he could get Lucas to work for him…

“Lucas, right? For some reason, even though it’s the first time we’ve met, I felt like we’re old friends. I’d like to invite you to help me with some matters. What do you think, Lucas?”

Seemingly afraid of Lucas misunderstanding, Brett added, “Of course, I’m not asking you to work for me. I want to become sworn brothers with you!

“As long as you can help me become the head of the Hamiltons, you’ll get the most credit! I’ll let you become the most distinguished elder of the family whom everyone will look up to and whose status will be second only to mine in the family!”

What Brett said made the eyes of the others in the room widen in shock.

Even Lucas was surprised.

None of them expected that Brett would suddenly extend an olive branch to Lucas and even promise to let him become the most distinguished elder of the Hamiltons.

This was an extremely hefty promise.

Lucas narrowed his eyes and scrutinized Brett’s face. He found that Brett really seemed to mean what he said and that he was willing to invite Lucas to join the Hamiltons as an elder.

If he offered this opportunity to someone else, they would probably be so excited that they wouldn’t know what to say.

A gentleman would sacrifice his life for his confidante. In the face of such a promise made by a wealthy scion with a high status, most people would be extremely grateful and be willing to express loyalty to Brett and fight for him.

Unfortunately, Lucas was not an ordinary person!

Back when Lucas was in Calico, he had already achieved the position of the leader of the Falcon Regiment and the supreme commander of the southern front and had hundreds of thousands of soldiers under his command. His status was on par with that of the helmsmen of the royal family branches.

He had even been willing to forgo his status as the leader of the Falcon Regiment, so why would he work for a scion of the Hamiltons for the sake of the status of an elder of the Hamiltons?

Under everyone’s gaze, Lucas shook his head and said without hesitation, “Sorry, I’m not interested in the Hamiltons.”

Brett wasn’t surprised by his answer.

Those who were capable and competent usually wouldn’t agree to work for others easily.

Only with genuine sincerity would they be moved.

Brett could tell that Lucas was a highly capable person.

The more Lucas refused to agree, the more he valued Lucas and the more interested he was in getting Lucas to join him.

Despite being only in his twenties, Lucas had already developed a calm and firm temperament. He even managed to earn the loyalty and respect of the helmsmen of the Hales and the Coles. If Brett could get such an outstanding man on his side to work for him, he was certain that Lucas would be of great help in his pursuit of the position of the head of the Hamiltons.

“Lucas, you don’t have to be so quick to turn me down. If you have any requests in terms of remuneration and treatment, I’ll definitely do my best to satisfy you! You’re an extremely powerful and capable person. You should be standing at the summit of the world. Isn’t it a waste of your talent if you stay in California?” Brett persuaded with a smile, unwilling to give up.

Lucas shook his head. “I have no intention of working for others, and I don’t want to care about what the Hamiltons want to do. But as long as it’s in California, I won’t allow any other family to meddle with our business.”

Lucas explicitly stated what he wanted.

If the Hamiltons wanted to take control of Arizona and Nevada, Lucas wouldn’t interfere, but he would never allow the Hamiltons to meddle in California.

No matter what, California was where Lucas’s foundation lay, and the helmsmen of the Hales, the Parkers, and the Coles were all here too. Lucas naturally wouldn’t let other forces control them.

A cold and sullen look appeared on Brett’s face, and he said half-threateningly, “What if I insist?”

Lucas wasn’t afraid at all. He simply retorted mirthlessly, “You can try.”

The tension between the two instantly became intense.

Everyone in the huge reception hall fell silent.

No one else had the qualifications to speak in front of Lucas and Brett. They could only remain still amid the oppressive silence.

After a long time, Brett finally smiled and said, “Since you’ve said so, Lucas, let’s wait and see. Maybe you will change your mind when the time comes.”

Then Brett turned around and walked out of the hall.

The elderly man in white behind him glanced at Lucas before following closely behind Brett.

After the two left, everyone in the hall finally heaved a sigh of relief, feeling much more at ease.

Joel glanced at Lucas awkwardly before suddenly walking over and saying flatteringly, “Mr. Gray, I’m really sorry. I wasn’t aware of your status just now, so I may have offended you. Please don’t hold it against me! As long as you need my help, the Gillens will be ready to give you a hand anytime!”

Anthony chimed in with a similar expression, “Yeah, Mr. Gray, the same goes for the Crosses. Feel free to inform me whenever you need my assistance in the future.”


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