Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1235

1235 Quickly Save Us

Was there a need to think about it?

With joy written all over his face, Bruce said, “Great! Mr. Gray, the Hales are willing to follow you to DC to develop together!”

Lucas was giving them help!

If they continued to stay in California, they would soon reach their developmental bottleneck and merely become a behemoth in the region.

Although they wouldn’t encounter much trouble, this would likely be their greatest achievement in their lives.

But if they could follow Lucas to DC, it would mean countless new opportunities, and they might one day even become one of the eight top families!

With Lucas’s help, this goal was definitely not a fantasy but would very likely become reality.

After hesitating for a long time, Edmund said with a bitter smile, “Thank you so much for your kind intentions, Mr. Gray. But even if the Coles go to DC, there probably won’t be much we can do. We’d better not.”

After hearing what Edmund said from outside, Edmund’s son, Clement, couldn’t help saying, “Dad, why would you say that? Haven’t you… haven’t you always hoped to obtain more opportunities for the Coles to develop further? Now that there’s finally an opportunity in front of you, why are you turning it down?”

The anxious Clement wished he could agree on Edmund’s behalf.

If they missed such a rare opportunity, it would be a pity!

Edmund glanced at his son and said with a bitter smile, “Why do you think I’m turning down Mr. Gray’s kind intentions? Isn’t it all because of you?! Mr. Gray is willing to help us develop in DC, but if we can’t give him any help, we’ll only end up becoming his burden. Trust you to have the cheek to drag him down and take advantage of him!”

If Edmund was still young, even if all he had were his own two hands, he would definitely follow Lucas to DC.

But he was already in his seventies, and he didn’t know how much longer he had to live.

Moreover, Clement was his only son, and he knew what kind of a person his son was and whether or not he was capable of taking over the family.

This was why Edmund had said that even if Lucas took the Coles to develop in DC, they would only become a burden for him.

Clement’s face turned red. He understood what his father meant.

Deep down, he knew that Edmund was refraining from handing over the position of helmsman to him because he wasn’t capable enough. He didn’t think it would be safe to hand the family over to him.

Even though his father was currently supporting the Coles, how much longer could he hold out?

Looking at Edmund’s old and wrinkled face, Clement felt a strong sense of guilt.

“Dad, I’m sorry. I’ve made countless mistakes in the past, and I’ve failed to inherit your wisdom. I’ve let you down with my inability to take on big responsibilities. I know you’re not handing over the family to me because I’m not capable enough.

“But now, I will certainly repent and learn more so that you can relax sooner and no longer have to slog your guts out for the family! Dad, I’ll really obey your instructions and work hard.”

“Alright!” Edmund patted Clement’s shoulder excitedly. “Clement, since you’ve said that, I can be at ease now!”

If his son could turn over a new leaf at this age and take on some responsibilities, Edmund would be able to answer to his ancestors when he died!

Looking at Edmund and Clement, Lucas smiled. “Let the past be the past. There’s no need to bring it up again. Since you’ve repented and know that you should be driven and hardworking, I’ll give you this chance too. Now, it’s up to you if you want to take it.”

Clement looked at Lucas in surprise. “Mr. Gray, you mean I can go to DC with you?”

“That’s right.” Lucas nodded and then said to Edmund, “Mr. Cole, you don’t have to worry about your family going to DC and becoming a burden to me. In fact, there are very few people I trust. Apart from the Parkers, who have gone to DC in advance, there’s only the Hales and the Coles.

“Rest assured. After you arrive in DC, I will definitely protect you. You don’t have to worry about anything else. You just need to shift your focus and manpower to DC and focus on developing your force there. This will be considered helping me.”

Edmund’s eyes were full of gratitude.

He knew that Lucas wanted to take care of him and the Coles, so he let them go with him to DC.

As for the Coles being able to provide him with assistance, Lucas was just comforting them.

With Lucas’s abilities and connections, the Coles were merely mediocre, and they wouldn’t be of any use to him.

Edmund was full of gratitude for Lucas’s help.

The only thing he could do was to do his best to make the Coles stronger and strive to provide help to Lucas in the future.

The Hales and the Coles had decided to go to DC to develop. After settling this matter, Lucas felt relieved.

Suddenly, his phone rang. He looked at the number on the caller ID and found that the call was from Charlotte.

Lucas was surprised.

When Charlotte brought Cheyenne out this morning, they were both cold and ignored him. They even ordered him not to follow them out.

Now that Charlotte was actually calling, he wondered if they were willing to listen to his explanation after calming down.

As soon as Lucas answered the call, he heard a flustered voice. “Lucas! We’re in trouble. Quickly come over to save me and Cheyenne!”

Lucas’s expression instantly changed. “Where are you?”

While asking, he hurried toward the gate of the Hale residence.

Charlotte said anxiously, “We’re in Lotte Entertainment City. A man brought a bunch of people, and he wants to take Cheyenne and me away. We’re in a private room now, but they’re banging on the door and might charge in at—Ah!”

Before she could finish speaking, he heard a loud bang over the phone, as if the door had been shoved open.

Immediately afterward, Charlotte’s call was terminated.

With a gloomy expression, Lucas immediately called her, but no one answered, and the phone was turned off.

The situation was terrible!


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