Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1236

1236 Cheyenne Faces a Crisis

Lucas had strong murderous intent in his eyes as he strode toward the gates of the Hale residence.

Seeing Lucas’s expression change drastically, Bruce, Edmund, and the others were all shocked. They quickly caught up to him and asked anxiously, “Mr. Gray, what happened?”

Lucas asked gloomily, “Where’s Lotte Entertainment City?”

“Lotte Entertainment City?” The two elderly men looked at each in bewilderment.

On the other hand, Connor, who was born and raised in Orange County, was very familiar with the entertainment joints here and immediately said, “Mr. Gray, I know where it is!”

“Show the way!” Lucas grabbed Connor’s arm without thinking and left quickly, dragging Connor with him.

The situation was urgent, so he didn’t have time to explain anything to them.

“What’s going on?”

Seeing the two disappearing at the gates of the Hale residence in no time, Edmund and Bruce looked at each other in confusion.

But even though they didn’t know what was going on, they could tell from Lucas’s expression that something big must have happened to make him look so horrified.

“Although I don’t know what has happened, it must have something to do with the Lotte Entertainment City Mr. Gray mentioned. Let’s rush over immediately,” Edmund said with a grim expression.

Bruce nodded. “Yes! And we need to bring people in case there’s an emergency!”

The two of them quickly gathered their subordinates.

Meanwhile, Lucas took Connor into his Jaguar and drove speedily on the roads of Orange County under Connor’s guidance. He even ran several red lights.

He still didn’t know what happened to Cheyenne and Charlotte and whether their lives were in danger, so he didn’t have the patience to wait for the red lights to turn green.

Of course, even though he was speeding, his driving skills were superb, so he wouldn’t get into any traffic accidents.

But this was all too thrilling for Connor. Lucas was going at a speed comparable to a race car’s, and the several close shaves on the bustling streets made Connor turn deathly pale. If Lucas wasn’t the one driving, he wouldn’t have been unable to control himself and vomited.

At this moment, in a private room of Lotte Entertainment City…

Despite Cheyenne’s fear, she still tried her best to protect Charlotte. But her hands were already trembling, and cold sweat covered her pale face.

In front of them was a middle-aged man with his back facing them, his body covered in wounds and bleeding profusely. Half-kneeling on the floor, he was still trying to shield Cheyenne and Charlotte and stop people from getting near them.

The person he was fighting was an elderly man in white.

Beside the elderly man was a young man in his twenties. He was sizing up Cheyenne and Charlotte as if he was looking at the prey he was hunting.

“I didn’t expect you two beauties to have such a powerful bodyguard! Unfortunately, my bodyguard is far stronger than yours, so you lost!” The young man smiled. “Beauties, I don’t want anyone to die here, so you two better obey and stop resisting, and I’ll let your bodyguard go. How does that sound?”

Hearing this, Charlotte and Cheyenne looked even more panicked and desperate.

What should they do now?

Now, the only person who could protect them was Stanley, who was half-kneeling on the floor in front of them.

But Stanley was severely injured to the point where he could barely stand up. His dagger had also been snatched away by the elderly man, and he had lost so much blood.

Of course, they didn’t want to submit to this frivolous playboy, but if they still resisted, Stanley might die!

Stanley, under Lucas’s orders, had protected them for a long time. Although they usually had very little interaction with him, they couldn’t watch him die to protect them.

What should they do now?

Cheyenne’s face was covered in misery and despair.

Charlotte had just called Lucas, but as soon as she said a few words, the door of the private room had been kicked open, and their phones had been taken away by the elderly man in white. Who knew if Lucas had heard where they were clearly.

Besides, even if Lucas had heard it, it would be impossible for him to rush here within a short time.

If Stanley hadn’t dashed out to protect them with his life on the line and stalled for some time, this young man would have already captured them…

Stanley raised his arm with difficulty and wiped the blood seeping out of the corner of his mouth while glowering at the young man and his elderly bodyguard opposite him. “They’re not people you can afford to provoke! If you don’t want to die, I advise you to leave right now, or else it’ll be too late to regret!”

He was no match for the elderly man and had been beaten to a pulp.

But Stanley knew that messing with Cheyenne and her family was Lucas’s taboo. If anyone dared to offend them, he would never let them off!

Once Lucas was here, the two bastards in front of him would definitely have a hard time.

The most important thing he had to do now was to try his best to protect Charlotte and Cheyenne before Lucas arrived. He mustn’t let anyone do anything to them!

After hearing Stanley’s threat, the young man smiled with superiority. “Are you threatening me? Hah, what a joke. I’ve lived for over two decades, and no one has ever dared to threaten me in the face like that!”

With a proud expression, he seemed to remember something, put on a polite stance, and introduced himself to Cheyenne and Charlotte, “Speaking of which, I almost forgot to introduce myself to you beauties. No wonder you’re so scared to get close to me.

“My name is Angus Hamilton, and I’m a direct descendent of a royal family branch!”

Angus’s face was full of pride as he talked about his family. “Do you know what the royal family is? Well, I guess ordinary folks wouldn’t have heard about us, and all they know are the eight top families of DC.

“Hmph, those eight top families aren’t even worthy of carrying our shoes!

“There are only nine royal family branches, and our power is beyond your imagination! Even if the eight top families join forces, there’s no way they’re a match for the Hamiltons!

“Do you know how powerful we are now?

“Hah, no matter what your background is, no matter who you bring up, they are nothing to the Hamiltons!”

What Angus said made Cheyenne and Charlotte turn even paler.


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