Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1239

1239 He Must Die

“Honey… I thought I’d never get to see you again! It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have thrown a tantrum and come here on my own. It’s all my fault!” Cheyenne said tearfully with regret all over her face.

If she hadn’t gotten upset at Lucas, given him the cold shoulder, and gone out with Charlotte to relax while not allowing Lucas to follow, they wouldn’t have ended up in this plight today and almost gotten violated.

At this moment, Cheyenne was shocked and terrified. Seeing Lucas saving them in the nick of time, she was touched and aggrieved with lingering fears. Unable to control her emotions, she cried intensely.

Charlotte was feeling the same. She also wanted to hug Lucas and cry her heart out, but Lucas was her brother-in-law, not her husband. Only Cheyenne could cry in his arms, while she couldn’t. She could only suppress her surging emotions while wiping away the tears on her face.

Lucas looked at his wife weeping in his arms, feeling extremely distressed and sorry for her. He patted her on the back and comforted gently, “It’s alright. Everything’s fine now. With me here, no one can hurt you anymore.”

He didn’t think that Cheyenne and Charlotte were at fault.

Today’s disaster was clearly because someone harbored designs on them after seeing how beautiful they were.

Now, Lucas was just thankful that he had arrived in time to save Cheyenne and Charlotte. Otherwise, he didn’t know what would have happened to them in the end.

Angus was exasperated at being ignored by Lucas at first.

But after hearing Lucas and Cheyenne’s conversation, he suddenly realized that the man who barged in was Cheyenne’s husband.

But so what?

It wasn’t his first time snatching someone else’s wife.

When it came to the women he wanted, he didn’t care if they had boyfriends or husbands.

As long as he revealed that he was from the Hamilton family, even if he snatched another man’s woman, no one would dare to say a word!

“Punk, I’ve set my sights on your woman. If you’re sensible, you’d better hand those two women over to me. Otherwise, I’ll definitely make sure you die a horrible death!” Angus said.

Lucas turned his head and glanced at Angus as if he was looking at a dead man. Angus immediately shuddered and subconsciously took a step back.

This man’s gaze is too terrifying!

The intense murderous aura that Lucas was exuding made him feel as though Lucas was going to kill him!

“What… what do you want to do?”

Angus was so frightened that he stammered, but he soon realized that his words were diminishing his family’s prestige. So he said, “I’m warning you. I’m from the Hamiltons, one of the royal family branches in the US, and I have a powerful expert by my side. If you don’t obey me, I won’t spare your life! Do you hear me?”

Lucas couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to this idiot at all.

At this moment, the sound of hurried footsteps came from outside the private room. Soon, Bruce and Edmund appeared in the corridor with their subordinates.

“Mr. Gray, are you alright? We were worried that something might happen, so we brought our people here to help!” Bruce and Edmund looked at Lucas nervously and explained why they had appeared here.

Lucas nodded slightly and pointed at Stanley outside the private room, who was severely wounded and unable to get up. He ordered them, “He’s severely injured. Immediately get him to the hospital for treatment!”

“Yes, Lucas!” Bruce agreed right away.

A couple of the Hales’ subordinates immediately stepped forward and quickly carried Stanley away. Although they moved quickly, they were very careful.

Lucas glanced at Cheyenne and Charlotte again and said gently, “You’ve both been shocked. Go home first. I’ll head back immediately after settling the matters here.”

Although Cheyenne and Charlotte were unwilling to leave, they knew that they wouldn’t be of much help here. Besides, there were already more than a hundred people from the Hales and Coles here, so Lucas wouldn’t be at a disadvantage. They nodded and agreed.

“Arrange for people to send my wife and sister-in-law home. Make sure they’re safe!” Lucas ordered again.

Edmund immediately acknowledged, “Okay, I’ll make sure they arrive home safely!”

“Honey, you… be careful too. We’ll wait for you at home,” Cheyenne said worriedly before leaving with Charlotte and more than twenty of the Coles’ bodyguards.

When Angus saw that Lucas had more than a hundred helpers, he widened his eyes slightly with some surprise, but there wasn’t any fear in his eyes. Instead, he licked his lips and chuckled. “I was wondering why you had the courage to go against me. It turns out you’re a big shot here in Orange County. You actually brought so many people here.

“But so what if you’ve brought a lot of people? I’m from the Hamilton family, and I have a noble status. None of you will dare to lay a finger on me! If you dare to lay a hand on a Hamilton, you will all die. Do you believe me?” Angus said fearlessly.

“Oh, really?” Lucas sneered and instructed someone to bring White Claw, the elderly man in white who was at his last breath, in from outside the room. He threw him to Angus’s side like he was a dead dog.

“The one who’s going to die is you!”

After Angus saw the terrible state that the elderly man was in, his pupils constricted, and he exclaimed in shock, “White Claw?!”

He didn’t expect his bodyguard to have been beaten so terribly and be on his last breath, looking like he was about to die.

At this moment, he finally knew why White Claw didn’t respond when he yelled for him to come over and save him. It turned out that White Claw had already been captured and beaten into a pulp.

“You… you are really audacious! The Hamiltons are royals, yet you have the guts to harm my bodyguard. Aren’t you afraid that we’ll eradicate you overnight?” Angus roared loudly, furious and flustered.

“The Hamiltons… Hah!” Lucas sneered and directly ordered, “Kill him!”

After seeing what Angus had done to Cheyenne and Charlotte, Lucas definitely wouldn’t let him off.

Even though he was a royal, Lucas wouldn’t let him live.

Anyone who dared to harm his wife had to die!

Angus self-righteously thought that Lucas wouldn’t dare to touch him just because he was a royal, but he didn’t know that Lucas’s status was comparable to the Hamiltons’ helmsman’s. How could he care about Angus’s threat?

Although Lucas wasn’t afraid of the Hamiltons at all, Bruce and Edmund were stunned after hearing Angus’s origin. Then their faces became grim and revealed fear.

“He’s from the Hamilton family… Mr. Gray, are we really going to kill him?” Edmund asked hesitantly.


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