Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1243

1243 Questioning

Lucas raised his eyebrows.

He didn’t expect Brett to come so soon after Bruce mentioned him.

Could he have found out that Angus Hamilton’s death is related to me?

Lucas instructed without hesitation, “Bring him here.”

Regardless of whether Brett had found out something or not, Lucas decided to meet him first and play it by ear.

Soon, Brett was brought to the chairman’s office.

He didn’t come alone. There was an elderly man wearing a white long-sleeved shirt. He was Brett’s bodyguard.

This elderly man was different from White Claw, but he was similarly dressed. It was probably the uniform of the Hamiltons’ top bodyguards.

But the one standing behind Brett looked a few years younger than White Claw. His energy was restrained, and he seemed much more powerful.

“Hello, Mr. Hamilton. What brings you here?” Lucas said languidly while remaining seated.

He wasn’t friends with Brett in the first place, not to mention that Angus had died in Lucas’s hands. Lucas was destined not to get along harmoniously with the Hamiltons, so he couldn’t be bothered to feign politeness with Brett.

Brett frowned, displeased with Lucas’s attitude.

But he wasn’t here to make friends with Lucas today.

“Lucas Gray, let’s be upfront and honest. My brother is in your hands, right? I want you to hand him over!” Brett said with a sullen look.

Upon hearing this, Lucas knew that he hadn’t found out about Angus.

If he had really found out about Angus, he would have known that Angus was already dead and that there was no way for Lucas to hand him over.

Brett was probably just probing him.

“Who’s your brother? Mr. Hamilton, you can’t talk nonsense. I don’t even know who your brother is. Isn’t that too absurd to ask me to hand him over?” Lucas frowned with displeasure.

Brett sneered. “Lucas Gray, you don’t have to pretend with me. My brother, Angus, arrived in Orange County yesterday with his bodyguard. Ordinary people won’t be able to get close to him at all, yet he vanished without a trace here. You and the Hales are the only ones who can do this in Orange County. How dare you say that my brother’s disappearance has nothing to do with you?

“Lucas, I respect you for being a good man, so I didn’t get into a conflict with you yesterday. But this doesn’t mean that I’m a pushover! If you hand over my brother now, I won’t hold it against you, and I can even let you and California off.”

Brett narrowed his eyes and threatened Lucas, “But if you continue being stubborn and refuse to let him go, the Hamiltons won’t let you off! The Hamiltons are royals, and if we get serious, we can raze all of California to the ground!”

Lucas’s face darkened as he said coldly, “You’re really great, Mr. Hamilton. What does your brother’s disappearance have to do with me? You actually came to me for his whereabouts and even used your family to threaten me. What a joke!

“If you’re here today for this matter, then I have nothing else to say. Go elsewhere to look for your brother. You’re not welcome here!

“And don’t think I’m afraid of the Hamiltons because you’re royals! You should have witnessed the situation at the Hales’ yesterday. Do you think I’d be afraid of you?

“Also, I’m giving you another warning. California is my turf, and you and your family are in no place to act out of line here! You can try seeing if you can raze California to the ground!”

Lucas spoke arrogantly without being polite to Brett at all.

Brett gritted his teeth, his face gloomy.

After angering Lucas, Brett saw that he was merely indifferent and domineering. He didn’t seem guilty at all, making Brett wonder if this really had nothing to do with Lucas.

In fact, Lucas’s guess was right. Brett had come to look for Lucas today, not because he had found any evidence but to probe Lucas to see if Angus’s disappearance had anything to do with him.

But if Lucas really wasn’t the culprit, how did Angus go missing?

Brett was uncertain now.

However, the most important thing to do now was to locate Angus as soon as possible.

Brett pondered for a moment before his expression suddenly changed, from being overbearing at first to looking helpless.

“Mr. Gray, I’m sorry for offending you, but I was too worried about my brother’s safety. How about this? I know you’re the most powerful person in Orange County, and even the Hales, the top family here, take orders from you. So I’d like to ask you for a favor.

“As long as you help me find my brother, you’ll be mine and my family’s friend from now on. And the Hamiltons will owe you a big favor!” Brett said sincerely.

He cared about his younger brother, so he was extremely sincere when asking Lucas for help.

Of course, it was hard to say how he would return the favor.

But Angus had been killed by Lucas. How could Lucas possibly help him find Angus?

Lucas shook his head without hesitation. “I’m not interested in the Hamiltons’ favor at all.”

Then he suddenly changed his tone. “I know you’ve sent a lot of people to Orange County, but that displeases me. I can let you stay here for another two days, but after two days, all the Hamiltons must leave California! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Brett had almost never been spoken to so rudely to his face before, and Lucas’s threat also made him furious.

“Lucas Gray, how dare you threaten me. It seems like you really don’t take the Hamiltons seriously!” Brett shouted with his jaw clenched.

Lucas moved the corners of his lips slightly without saying anything, but his gaze was full of contempt for the Hamiltons, seemingly telling Brett that he really didn’t take them seriously.

In fact, since Brett had domineeringly gone to the Hales yesterday and demanded that the top families of California pledge allegiance to the Hamiltons, Lucas had already been very displeased with the Hamiltons because they wanted to snatch his forces away from him.

Later, the idiot Angus actually ignorantly tried to violate Lucas’s wife and sister-in-law. He overstepped Lucas’s bottom line and utterly angered him, leading to Lucas ordering his death without hesitation.

However, Lucas wasn’t afraid of the Hamiltons.

He had instructed the Hales and the Coles to remain tight-lipped about Angus’s death and clean up all the traces, not because he didn’t dare to face the Hamiltons but because he didn’t want them to hound him and bring him unnecessary trouble at this time.

Lucas’s attitude infuriated Brett even more.

“Lucas Gray, you’re really arrogant! You want the Hamiltons to leave Orange County within two days? Hah, do you think you have what it takes? When the time comes, don’t come crying on your knees to me!”

Brett glowered at Lucas and then turned around to leave.


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