Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1245

1245 No Longer Afraid

“Jensen Hamilton?” Lucas raised his brows slightly.

Edmund gave Lucas the information about the Hamiltons that he had gathered over the past few days. “Yes. Jensen Hamilton is the third son of the current helmsman of the Hamilton family. But he has always shown talent in martial arts, and he isn’t any worse than the experts of the Hamiltons.

“Jensen is the youngest son of the Hamiltons’ helmsman, so he has been greatly favored by the Hamiltons since he was a child. Now, among the three sons, Jensens seems to be the most likely to take over as helmsman, rather than his elder brothers.

“Anyway, this man is hard to deal with, and he has even brought a group of the Hamiltons’ experts with him to Orange County. This is a massive threat. Mr. Gray, you must be careful!”

Lucas said non-commitally, “Alright.”

In fact, he didn’t take Jensen seriously at all.

No matter how skilled he was, he wouldn’t be a match for Lucas. After all, he was just a son of the Hamiltons’ helmsman, not a pure martial artist.

Besides, Lucas was the former captain of the Falcon Regiment and had equal status to the Hamiltons’ helmsman. Since Jensen was the helmsman’s son, he was one notch inferior to Lucas, and Lucas wouldn’t be afraid of him.

At this moment, at Orange County International Airport, a group of people arrived at the airport terminal.

Brett, who had been waiting for a long time, immediately walked to the leading middle-aged man with bright eyes. “Dad!”

Clearly, the tall and robust middle-aged man was Jensen Hamilton, Brett’s father.

After getting inside Brett’s car, Jensen immediately asked, “Have you not found Angus yet?”

Brett lowered his head guiltily and said in a low voice, “I’m too incompetent. I deployed all the Hamilton’s nearby available staff and almost turned Orange County upside down, but I still couldn’t get any news of Angus.”

Looking at Brett’s haggard and bloodshot eyes, Jensen knew that his son had indeed done his best, so he didn’t blame him.

“Don’t worry. We’ll definitely find Angus!” Jensen patted his son on his shoulder and then suddenly asked, “How’s your mission going? Have you conquered all those states?”

Brett immediately answered, “I’ve conquered Oregon, Arizona, and Nevada. The families there don’t dare to disobey the Hamiltons, but things aren’t going well in California. We’ve encountered a bunch of tough nuts.”

“There are actually tough nuts here?” Jensen was instantly puzzled. “Who are they? Is there another royal family branch going against us?”

Brett shook his head. “No, speaking of which, this person has quite a background. His name is Lucas Gray, and he’s only in his twenties. He’s an illegitimate child of the Huttons, who are one of the eight top families of DC. After he got kicked out by the Huttons two decades ago, he ended up in Orange County.

“But he should have encountered something special. He used to be an ordinary person, but he went missing for six years and only returned to Orange County half a year ago. Yet within such a short period of time, he managed to become the greatest big shot in California, and even the helmsmen of the Hales and the Coles pledged allegiance to him.

“But my subordinates can’t find out where he went and what he did when he disappeared. There’s no information about him at all!

“That’s not all. Mateo told me that Lucas Gray is a terrifying expert whose martial arts skills are on par with his. Even the experts of the Peerless Martial Association have been defeated by him. Thus, he attained the title of the Overlord of California.”

Brett told Jensen all the important information about Lucas that he had found.

Jensen was rather indifferent and aloof at first. But after he heard about the drastic changes Lucas had undergone in the six years he had vanished, as well as how even the Hamiltons’ intelligence network couldn’t find out what had happened to him during those six years, his expression changed greatly.

Brett knew that something was up and quickly frantically asked, “Dad, do you know something? Or do you have any guesses in mind? Who exactly is he?”

After thinking about it, Jensen said seriously, “As far as I know, people like him who have gone missing for several years and whose information even the Hamiltons can’t get hold of are very likely to be from the military. Moreover, he held a high position!”

“Military? A high position?” Brett’s expression changed uncontrollably.

It seemed unlikely at first, but after thinking about it, he realized that it seemed to be the only possibility.

Even the Hamiltons couldn’t find any information about Lucas and what he had done during those six years. Clearly, his experience was absolutely classified.

Jensen continued, “If he’s just an ordinary high-ranking military personnel, the Hamiltons won’t be afraid. But through the information you’ve given me, I have a bad premonition.

“Lucas Gray is probably not just an ordinary high-ranking military personnel. He might very likely be someone close to the supreme commanders of the four major territories!”

Brett opened his mouth with a dumbfounded expression.

The US was divided into four territories, the south, east, west, and north, and there was a supreme commander for each of the four territories. The supreme commanders were extremely powerful and commanded hundreds of thousands of soldiers.

Even the top leaders of the US were only equivalent in status to the supreme commanders, and even the Hamiltons didn’t dare to easily confront one of them.

If Lucas really had such a high status, it would explain why he was so fearless toward the Hamiltons.

Likewise, Lucas wasn’t someone that Brett could deal with.

Even if Lucas was only a follower of one of the supreme commanders, he still had the support of the supreme commander, and ordinary people couldn’t afford to offend him.

Strictly speaking, Lucas’s identity and status were on par with his father’s.

When Brett thought of this, his face became even more sullen. “Dad, if Lucas Gray really has such a high status, what… what should we do?”

Jensen sneered. “Even if he’s close to a supreme commander, we don’t have to be afraid of him!

“Now, the most important thing for us to do is to take complete control of California. Only in this way can the Hamiltons’ power be expanded. We might even be able to become one of the top royal family branches!

“Even if Lucas Gray used to have a high status, he’s left the military now, and his authority must have decreased greatly. His former backer, one of the supreme commanders, might not necessarily help him either.

“So, he must be alone now. In that case, why should we be afraid of him? As long as we kill him and hide the news, no one will speak up for him. Even the supreme commander won’t confront us over a dead man who’s left the military!”

Brett came to a sudden realization. “That’s right! He has already left the military, and his former identity and status no longer count. Who is he to go against the Hamiltons?”

After figuring this out, Brett became a lot less scrupulous toward Lucas and even no longer saw him as a threat.

This time, Jensen had come personally with many experts. He thought that Lucas was definitely dead meat!


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