Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1246

1246 Trap

“Don’t worry about Lucas Gray for now. We have to settle the matter about California first. We can’t let this drag on any longer. Send people to invite the helmsmen of the top five families in California right now. I want to see how courageous they are to have the audacity to go against the Hamiltons!” Jensen instructed.

“Yes, Dad. I’ll make the arrangements immediately!” Brett acknowledged.

Soon, the helmsmen of the five top families in California received the Hamiltons’ invitation to discuss matters.

After receiving the news, Bruce immediately called Lucas.

“Lucas, the Hamiltons definitely have malicious intentions for inviting us!” Bruce said solemnly.

Moreover, Lucas wasn’t a helmsman of the top five families in California, yet he also received the exact same invitation as the Hales.

The Hamiltons definitely wanted to take advantage of the situation to get rid of Lucas, their stumbling block.

“Since they’re inviting us, let’s go over and have a look,” Lucas said nonchalantly.

Even if Jensen was really capable, and the invitation was for a meeting full of threats and hidden schemes, Lucas wasn’t afraid at all.

Bruce said worriedly, “Lucas, I’m really worried that they might harm you during the gathering. Didn’t you say that you’re planning to take us with you to DC? I think we should just let the Hamiltons have California. It’s not worth it for us to go head-to-head against them!”

When Lucas heard this, his face immediately darkened. “Are you scared? Don’t come then!”

With that, he hung up the phone.

Bruce was instantly stunned.

Ever since he had pledged allegiance to Lucas, though they hadn’t interacted much, he had never faced such hostility from Lucas.

Moreover, after hearing Lucas’s final words, he knew that he was enraged.

Cold sweat immediately gushed out from Bruce’s body and soaked his clothes in the blink of an eye.

Bruce had never thought that what he said would anger Lucas!

But after thinking about it, Bruce immediately understood why Lucas was upset.

Lucas wasn’t afraid of the Hamiltons at all, so those who followed him naturally only needed to follow him closely and do as he said.

But what he said revealed obvious fear and his intentions to withdraw, as if he was evading the Hamiltons.

Lucas was naturally upset.

Bruce wiped the cold sweat on his head and hurriedly called Lucas back. He assured, “Mr. Gray, I was muddled just now. Since I’m your follower, I naturally have to face everything together with you! No matter what happens at the gathering tonight, I’ll definitely go with you! I won’t back down again!”

Hearing this, Lucas calmed down.

If Bruce was a coward who was scared of the Hamiltons, Lucas would naturally be extremely disappointed in him and even consider giving up the Hales.

Fortunately, Bruce wasn’t confused in the end.

At 8 p.m., the helmsmen invited by the Hamiltons all arrived at the Grandeur Hotel in Orange County.

When Lucas arrived at the Grandeur Hotel, he saw Bruce, Edmund, and Ethan already waiting here.

There were two other people whom Lucas hadn’t met much, namely Anton Holmes and Jim Sullivan.

They were the helmsmen of the current top five families in California.

Upon seeing Lucas, the few of them greeted him one after another. “Greetings, Mr. Gray!”

Lucas nodded at them in acknowledgment.

Only Ethan seemed embarrassed when he saw Lucas and didn’t dare to look him in the eye.

Lucas ignored him and simply said, “Let’s go in.”

Then he took the lead and headed straight into the Grandeur Hotel.

In the hotel lobby, a man in an immaculate suit hurried over and said smilingly, “Welcome, dear honored guests. Mr. Hamilton is already waiting for you in the VIP room on the top floor. Please come with me!”

Under his lead, Lucas and the five helmsmen went to the entrance of the largest private room on the top floor of the hotel.

“Mr. Hamilton is inside. Please come in!”

At the thought of having to face the Hamiltons soon, the helmsmen became nervous, and even their bodies stiffened.

But after seeing Lucas walking in first calmly, they took a deep breath and followed him in.

As soon as they entered, they saw a middle-aged man sitting in the master seat.

The middle-aged man was rather robust, and he had a square-shaped face with thick neck muscles. Although his figure couldn’t be seen clearly on the seat, they could still sense his formidable aura.

Brett, whom they had met before, was sitting beside the middle-aged man, and their facial features were rather similar.

Without a doubt, the robust middle-aged man in the master seat was Jensen, the favored youngest son of the Hamiltons’ helmsman.

Standing behind the two of them was a bodyguard clad in a white long-sleeved robe, looking coldly at the people who entered.

From the moment they entered, Jensen had been staring at them, especially Lucas, who was at the front.

Lucas was only in his twenties, much younger than the helmsmen behind him, who were in their fifties and sixties.

Moreover, Lucas exuded a calm yet domineering aura that ordinary young people definitely wouldn’t possess.

Even the five helmsmen of the top five families in California showed cautious, nervous, or scared expressions in their eyes when they saw him. Yet Lucas kept a completely straight face, as if he didn’t feel anything at all.

Jensen narrowed his eyes and sized Lucas up carefully while recalling the information about Lucas that Brett had given him this morning.

Lucas was only 28 years old this year, and he was an illegitimate son of the Huttons, who got expelled from DC by the Huttons two decades ago. He was extremely ordinary in the past, but after vanishing for six years, he returned a completely changed man and now possessed martial arts skills on par with the top experts of the Hamiltons.

Based on this information, Jensen vaguely guessed Lucas’s origin. But now, after finally meeting him in person and sensing the unyielding and bloodthirsty aura faintly emanating from Lucas, he was even more certain of his guess.

This young man is indeed extraordinary! Jensen stared at Lucas for a long time before suddenly asking, “Are you Lucas Gray?”


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