Charismatic Lucas Gray Chapter 1248

1248 Tempting Conditions

“Mr. Gray, I may be meeting you for the first time today, but I deeply feel that you are very talented, and it would be a waste of your great talent for you to stay in a small place like Orange County,” Jensen said, shaking his head.

Lucas helped himself to the food calmly and said, “I’m just an ordinary person, and I don’t have any great talent. Please don’t joke with me, Mr. Hamilton.”

“I’m just stating facts. How can I possibly be joking? You’re still so young, yet you’ve managed to make the Hales and the Coles pledge allegiance to you and be so loyal to you. This isn’t something ordinary people can achieve!”

Lucas said calmly, “I’m only close to Mr. Hale and Mr. Cole. There’s no such thing as allegiance or loyalty. Please don’t be mistaken, Mr.Hamilton.”

Lucas naturally wouldn’t say too much in front of Jensen.

Jensen smiled and didn’t argue with Lucas over this matter. Instead, he changed the subject and said, “To be honest, I value your abilities a lot, Mr. Gray.

“I’d like to invite you to join the Hamiltons to develop. If you’re willing, we will give you generous compensation every year. And not only will we not meddle with your personal business, but we will provide you with greater resources. The Hamiltons can be your strongest support, and you can even develop your businesses under the Hamiltons’ name.

“I believe that a smart person like you definitely knows what this means. What do you think of my suggestion, Mr. Gray?”

He was recruiting Lucas straightforwardly!

As soon as Jensen finished speaking, everyone in the room was shocked.

The Hamiltons were not an ordinary wealthy family but a royal family with a long heritage!

Such a noble status was out of reach for most people, and anything related to the royals was definitely glorious.

But now, even though Jensen had such a high status, he was personally inviting Lucas to join the Hamiltons and promising him considerable benefits.

Just the Hamiltons’ offer to give Lucas support and allow him to manage his businesses under their name was a great benefit in itself.

If Lucas could get such protection from the Hamiltons, his businesses would certainly achieve great development.

All of a sudden, the several helmsmen present were envious, especially Jim and Anton, whose eyes were green with envy.

But a calm voice suddenly sounded in the private room. “Sorry, but I’m not interested.”

Lucas actually turned down Jensen’s recruitment!

Jensen thought that Lucas would agree without hesitation since he had made such an attractive offer, but he didn’t expect Lucas to turn him down immediately!

Brett was stunned too.

He had met many people, and most of them couldn’t wait to jump at the chance to express their loyalty to him at the slightest hint of recruitment by the Hamiltons. Lucas was the first to instantly turn them down without hesitation.

“Lucas, my father is very sincere in inviting you to join the Hamiltons and has offered very generous conditions. Why don’t you reconsider it?” Brett said.

In fact, although he didn’t like Lucas, he had to admit that Lucas was quite capable, even more capable than someone from a prestigious family like himself.

Even he had once tried to recruit Lucas during their first meeting, but Lucas had also turned him down.

However, his father actually valued Lucas so much that he recruited him personally and offered extremely sincere conditions, but unexpectedly, Lucas still turned Jensen down.

Feeling unwilling, Jensen thought about it for a moment and continued, “Mr. Gray, if there’s anything you’re still dissatisfied with, then I can add more benefits on top of what I’ve just mentioned.

“I know you’re an expert with excellent martial arts skills. How about this? As long as you’re willing to join the Hamiltons, I can invite the family’s top expert to be your master and focus solely on training you. In a few years, you will definitely possess greater attainments in martial arts, and you might even become the strongest powerhouse of the Hamiltons and achieve greater glory and rewards.

“In addition, I can improve your status further by taking you in as my godson. You’ll be able to enjoy all the rights that the direct descendants of the Hamiltons do. I can even give you some of my assets!”

As soon as he said this, everyone in the room was even more shocked and speechless.

Jensen actually said that he wanted to accept Lucas as his godson!

Usually, godsons would only be sons in name, but Jensen was almost offering to treat Lucas as his biological son. Not only would he give him the same rights as the other direct descendants of the Hamiltons, but he even said that he would give some of his assets to Lucas!

As the third and most favored son of the Hamiltons’ helmsmen, Jensen had plenty of assets. Even if he only gave 10% of them to Lucas, it was a staggering amount!

All of a sudden, the other five helmsmen were green with envy.

Brett suddenly clenched his fists. Even he didn’t expect his father to make such a generous offer in order to get Lucas to join the family. The treatment would almost be the same as what Brett was getting as a legitimate son!

Brett felt rather displeased and jealous, but he knew that his father really wanted Lucas to join the Hamiltons, so he couldn’t ruin things at this juncture. He clenched his fists and remained silent.

But Brett was well aware that this should just be his father’s ruse to get Lucas to join the Hamiltons. Even if Lucas really joined them, it was impossible for them to give Lucas such great benefits.

A trace of surprise appeared on Lucas’s usually calm face.

He didn’t expect that Jensen would make such an attractive offer to recruit him.

Be it the tutelage of the Hamiltons’ strongest expert or the identity of Jensen’s godson, these conditions would be extremely tempting to ordinary people.

Possessing either of these identities would allow them to act domineering among royal families, let alone non-royal families.

But to Lucas, these things meant nothing.

He couldn’t care less about being the apprentice of the Hamiltons’ strongest expert because he was certain that he wasn’t any weaker than this so-called top expert. How could he possibly want to be his apprentice?

As for being Jensen’s godson, he was even less interested.

Even though Jensen said that he would treat Lucas almost the same way as his biological son, Lucas wasn’t in the least bit interested.

After all, he didn’t care about being another man’s son.

Seeing how surprised Lucas was, Jensen smiled smugly. Indeed, there’s nothing you can’t buy in this world. If you can’t convince someone, it’s only because you didn’t offer enough.

He didn’t think that Lucas would turn him down after he proposed such an attractive offer.

However, Jensen really guessed wrong.

Amid everyone’s gaze, Lucas shook his head and said lightly, “As I’ve said, I’m not interested.”


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